Careers Education at King Edward’s

Careers Education at The King Edward VI School aims to be broad, balanced and personalised. Our aim is to inspire students, widen their horizons and support them to make informed decisions. The days of a Careers Adviser matching you to a particular job are long gone!

At King Edward’s Careers Education is delivered in a variety of ways across the year groups, but never as a ‘careers lesson’, it is much broader and more holistic than that.

To us Careers Education means:

Competencies The skills and dispositions beyond grades that are desirable to employers, these are employability skills and are about keeping ‘the’ job once you get it
Aspiration Students should not be told ‘no’ but asked how. The only limitations we have are the ones we impose upon ourselves


The world of work is very different to what it once was, it is very dynamic with new companies and job types constantly evolving. Competition for jobs is fierce and truly international. Understanding Labour Market Information (LMI) is vital


Essentially this is career management i.e. getting the job when you apply for it. This is about achievement and progress in subjects (the ‘golden’ ticket of 5+ grade 4s), attendance and punctuality as well as competencies


Hopefully students will be empowered to ask questions and make decisions. They will see the value of work and their place within a particular pathway


There will be setbacks, it is about having the self confidence and tenacity to deal with these. Learning from our disappointments and to keep trying. Reflection is a key skill
Success Success means different things to different people. It is about supporting students to be successful in their own right and move onto a post 16 or post 18 pathway that is right for them

Students will have access to our Student Mentor, Janet, who is a qualified careers adviser. Students can self-refer for an interview at any time they feel the need, or be referred by any staff member or parent. 


Our Careers Team

Leanne Johnston Assistant Headteacher and Careers Lead

I am privileged to lead Careers Education at King Edward’s and exceptionally proud of the Careers team and all we have achieved being part of the National Pilot Programme for Good Career Guidance. It is phenomenal to think that our Northumberland school has influenced National Policy! 








Janet Schreier, Student Mentor


I love my job! Working with students to make sure they can get to their next step after school or Sixth Form is so rewarding. There are so many options available for students, my role is to help them explore what is right for them







Our Sixth Form Year Teams are hugely experienced supporting students and families in navigating options Post 18. Contact the Sixth Form team:

Fiona Long and Ms O’Neill

Jessica Mares and Ms Familton







Careers Programme

This is a sample of some of the activities. We are constantly adding activities and opportunities throughout the year as they become available. These will be advertised as and when they become available.

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