KEVI Win The European Apprentice

KEVI German15 KEVI students attended Newcastle University on 27th June, to participate in The European Apprentice, alongside a range of schools from across the North East.

Students were given the opportunity to develop their vocabulary in French, German and Spanish, and in order to participate in the competition, which was to market a product in a foreign language.

Congratulations to KEVI French who won the overall

competition, which included Adam Blower, Sam Etterley, Kathleen Swinglehurst, Eloise Southern-Thompson and Sophie Podbur.

Congratulations to KEVI Spanish who were runners-up, which included Cameron Dick, Phoebe Hoggan, Bryony Lane, Millie Chambers and William Pallett.

In addition, well done to KEVI German who represented the school excellently in the competition, which included Philippa Wellden, Emily Anderson-Faulkner, Adam Rowe, Luke Haxell and Louisa Dale.

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KEVI Win Alnwick Garden Entrepreneurial Challenge

WinnersCongratulations to Year 9 students Lydia Goldsmith, Ellie Owen and Laura Hackett, who won this year’s Alnwick Garden Entrepreneurial Challenge on 14th July. Their stall ‘Summer Fun’ made the most profit, and therefore won the overall competition. Ellie said “There was barely any pressure because we knew we were just having fun.” 

In addition, congratulations to Year 10 students Daniel Ellis and Jack Speirs, who won the Best Salesman Award, for their stall Bro & Co.

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KEVI Students Skype Speaker of the House of Commons

KEVI students participated in a Skype session with the Speaker of the House of Commons on 11th July. Students thoroughly enjoyed speaking to The Right Honourable John Bercow MP, who gave an insight in to his role in Parliament. 

Students certainly hope to do this again in the near future, and would like to thank Mr Speaker for his time and valuable insight. 

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