Trust Expansion Consultation

Over the course of the last year the Board of The Three Rivers Learning Trust and the Governing Bodies of schools within the Morpeth Education Partnership have been exploring the most beneficial way forward for schools that have expressed an interest in joining the Learning Trust.

Please click here to see the letter to parents/carers.

You can also find a Frequently Asked Questions document here.

Consultation begins today, Monday 9 October until Monday 13 November at 4pm.

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Posts will be regularly added from November 2017 to give help and advice for preparing and revising for your exams.


Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition returns in 2018 with a new adventure, The Tale of the Morphogenesis Mystery.

Registration for the competition will open this Friday 1st December, at and the first puzzle will be released on Monday 15th January.

The competition is aimed at secondary school children up to Year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland) or Year 12 (Northern Ireland). For older students the 2018 edition of the sister competition MathsBombe will also open for registration this Friday 1st December:


National Cross Country Finals

On Saturday 25 November the National Intermediate Boys Cross Country Finals took place at Sevenoaks, Kent. The team finished 8th in the country! There was lots of talent, heart and a real passion for running on show.

Their behaviour was impeccable and were all a credit to the school. It was a really enjoyable day and there were no delays.

The runners included:

  • Euan Duffin – 16th
  • Thomas Cunningham – 33rd
  • Dylan Davies – 47th
  • Ben Walker – 94th

Total of 190 points.

Other runners were Ben Waterfield 125th, Dylan Gooding 129th.

The boys were amazing and showed a real passion for running.  We are so lucky to have students like these in our school!

The Morpeth Electric Bicycle Company

The Morpeth Electric Bicycle Company opened it’s doors earlier this month and the showroom will be officially opened by the Mayor of Morpeth on Saturday 9 December.

E-Bikes are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to travel more sustainably, as well as trying to save time stuck in traffic and also save money.  The store is the only bespoke E-Bike dealer in the North East.
More information about The Morpeth Electric Bicycle Company and their official opening can be found on their Facebook page.
Watch this space for the Trust and The Morpeth Electric Bicycle Company working together in the New Year.

Year 9 Art Graphics club

We are looking to start a year 9 Art Graphics club running on Wednesday lunch times in A13. Please see Mr Lynch or Mrs McGorrell if you are interested. This will give you a valuable insight into graphic design and help you to further your knowledge and understanding of the Adobe software. The club will start on Wednesday the 29th of November.

Making Workshop

It’s another Making Workshop next Tuesday, 28/11/17. This time we are making a Felted Robin.

King Edward’s Inspires 2017

Once again, thanks to the huge support we receive from many of our alumni, businesses, colleges, universities and training providers, our annual KEVI Inspires event was a phenomenal success – the best one yet! We have a variety of exhibition stands, as well as an in depth workshop/presentation programme.

The event attracted support from a wide range of organisations from across various sectors and a wide geographical area, from London to Dundee! We are immensely grateful of the support provided and are proud that our school can deliver such a unique and valuable event for our students and their parents.

This year, we were delighted to invite colleagues from Berwick Academy Sixth Form and The Church of England Academy. We have developed a range of careers provision with these schools, as part of our work and inclusion on the National Career Benchmarks Pilot programme. Feedback from Berwick in particular was outstanding, with their Head of Sixth Form saying that her students are ‘talking about possibilities and opportunities they never knew existed!’ This really captures the essence of the event and is what makes it special.

Next year King Edward’s Inspires will be held on 22 November 2018 and we have already had pledges of support from many of the organisations present this year, which is phenomenal. Further developments next year could be the inclusion of a sector specific panel discussion with industry experts… watch this space.

Admissions Policy

Please click here to see a one year variation of the Admissions Policy for Year 5 entry into Chantry Middle School, September 2018.

The Published Admission Number will increase from 128 to 158 for one year only.

Trust Expansion Consultation

The consultation for proposed changes to the Learning Trust governance arrangements in order to accept Church of England schools to join the Trust has now closed.

Thank you for sharing your views at the meetings or by completing a response form. We will now take some time to consider these responses and issue a summary of the consultation and our planned way forward in late December.

Exit West

Ms Savage recommends ‘Exit West’ by Mohsin Hamid.

“In a city swollen by refugees but still mostly at peace, or at least not yet openly at war, a young man met a young woman in a classroom and did not speak to her.” The best book I have read this year – I wanted to buy it for everyone when I had finished it. The story is incredibly important for today and Hamid’s writing is evocative and beautiful, generating empathy that allows us to better understand our world.