World Book Week competiton winners

unnamed (4)Congratulations to 10G who won the World Book Week form class competition!

To celebrate their achievements and World Book Day’s 20th Birthday, the class will enjoy a delicious birthday cake.

The class scored an impressive 28/30 when guessing KEVI teachers’ favourite books. Be sure to check out the teachers’ choice books display which will be in the library very soon!

Also a well done to Georgia Gorbould in Year 9 for winning the World Book Week competition. In second place was fellow Year 9 student Ben Owen.

The two students competed against the rest of the school to complete a range of book-related tasks including: a very tough book quiz, designing a book token and guessing the lines from various famous novels.

Well done to all students who took part in the competition.

Click ‘continue reading’ for the form class scoreboard.

Here is the scoreboard:

# Form Class Score
1 10G 28
2 11H 27
3 12SG 24
4 12SE 20
5 9N 14
6 9S 14
7 10D 12
8 13SC 7
9 9W 5
10 9G 4
11 11A 4
12 10T 4
13 9A 1
14 13SF 1
15 9H 1
16 9D 9E 9X 9T 10A 10E 10I 9I 10N 10W 11D 11E 11G 11T 11I 11K 11W 10K 12SA 12SB 12SC 12SD 12SF 12SH 12SI 12SJ 12SK 12SL 13SA 13SB 13SG 13SD 13SE 13SH 13SI 13SK 13SJ  13SL 0