Trust Expansion Consultation

Over the course of the last year the Board of The Three Rivers Learning Trust and the Governing Bodies of schools within the Morpeth Education Partnership have been exploring the most beneficial way forward for schools that have expressed an interest in joining the Learning Trust.

Please click here to see the letter to parents/carers.

You can also find a Frequently Asked Questions document here.

Consultation begins today, Monday 9 October until Monday 13 November at 4pm.

GCSE & A Level Results Collection Information

Results Day Procedures – Post 16

Thursday 17 August 2017

  • A2 results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 8.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • AS results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 10.00am onwards.  Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • Important – all AS students intending to return to complete A2 courses, must complete this online confirmation form, AVAILABLE HERE. This will be available until 4pm on Monday 28 August. This is to confirm which subject you wish to drop. You must login to you Google account before completing this form.
  • If your results are a concern, we will contact you to arrange a progression meeting with a member of the sixth form team.
  • Re-marks – any student wishing to have a paper re-marked, will need to complete a re-mark form, which is available from Mrs Allison in the Exam Office.   
  • Staff will be available on results’ day and the following day to discuss options.
  • A2 students must remember to bring their UCAS personal identification number and be prepared to make telephone calls to universities, if they need to go through the clearing option.

Results Day Procedures – GCSE

Thursday 24 August 2017

  • Year 11 results can be collected from 10.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • All students wishing to attend the sixth form must complete an online confirmation form on the school website: to confirm their subject choices and enrol.  The online form will be available from Thursday 24 August until 4pm on Monday 28 August 2017.  Students will be asked to either confirm or request to change their subject choices.  
  • Students who request a change of subject choice will require an interview.  These interviews will take place on Tuesday 5 September or Wednesday 6 September. Acceptance onto alternative courses will not be confirmed at this interview, no guarantees can be made to any changes requested and will be subject to availability.
  • Students who do not attain the grades/points score required for entry onto their chosen courses will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other course options.  (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements). These students must then complete the online confirmation and request a change of subject.
  • Students who do not attain the grades required for entry into the sixth form (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements) will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other pathways.  Representatives from Newcastle College and Northumberland College will also be available in the Student Support Area between 10am and 12pm on Friday 25 August 2017 to offer further advice and guidance.

AS Level Success

2018 saw our last cohort of Year 12 students to sit AS exams and they have done brilliantly. Congratulations to the students!, 60% of the AS grades were A or B – a fantastic achievement for these students. We’re excited to work with them to continue their success at A Level.

For students studying Level 3 equivalent  qualifications such as BTEC or Cambridge Technical qualifications, over a third of the ‘AS’ grades were Distinction* or Distinction. A superb outcome.

The AS was optional this year, with fewer than half of the year group opting to study a stand alone AS qualification. This mirrors the national picture where AS entries are down over 50% on previous years, Instead, may of our student have opted for qualifications such as Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), where we had huge success well over half of all grades were A* or A!

The change comes in light of recent A Level reform and a move to linear 2-year A Level courses, where the AS Level content is ‘decoupled’ from the full A Level content and no longer carries marks towards the final A Level grade.

Spotlight on Success for the Class of 2018

What a morning we’ve had in Sixth Form so far! The overwhelming majority of students have been richly rewarded for their endeavour with an outstanding set of results.

The headlines measures of 62% A*-B and 99.5% A*-E mean our class of 2018 make Sixth Form at King Edward’s one of the top performing Sixth Forms in the region. We’re especially proud that initial analysis indicates an exceptionally strong ‘value added’ score. This means students are performing at A Level half a grade higher than their GCSE attainment would expect them to do so. Effectively Sixth Form at King Edward’s are adding half a grade of progress to every student in every examination!

All in all we had 28 students who attained all A* or A grades and students are now heading off to a variety of destinations, including Higher Education, School Leaver Programmes, Higher Apprenticeships, employment and a gap year.



Sam achieved A*AA in English Literature, Classics and History and is heading to York to study English.



Tom, Rachel, Libby and Will are celebrating a string of A* and A grades. Tom, was our Head Boy, achieved four A* grades in Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics and is going to join the Ivy League in the USA to study at Princeton. Rachel and Libby gained A*A*A in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and they are heading to Sheffield and Surrey to study Medicine and Veterinary Medicine respectively. Will, who was leading man in our last school musical, achieved three A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Geography. Will is off to Nottingham to study International Environmental Science.


Emily is taking a gap year after Sixth Form and heading to Australia. She is planning on applying to study Neuroscience at a university in the United States. Emily achieved A* grades in Biology and Chemistry and an A grade in Maths.



Jena was our Deputy Head Girl and she successfully completed A Levels in Photography, Media Studies and Theatre & Drama. She attained outstanding grades of A*AA. An accomplished performer Jena is fulfilling her ambitions and going on to study Professional Dance and Musical Theatre at the University of Greenwich.




Layla was our Head Girl, continues the family tradition of straight A* grades! Layla is going on to study Medicine at Edinburgh after successfully achieving A* grades in Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Tim is going on to study Geography at Lancaster University after gaining A*BB in Economics, Geography and Psychology.


“We cannot express how proud we are of every single one of our outgoing Year Group. They have worked with tenacity and dedication thoughtout Sixth Form. They deserve all of the success that they have been rewarded with.” Fiona Long and Kate O’Neill, Year Team

A Level Results 2018

Sixth Form at The King Edward VI School goes from strength to strength.

Mark Simpson states, “This year sees our best ever attainment figure for A* to B at 62% and our second best ever Value Added figure. This means that on average students in Sixth Form achieve half a grade higher at A level, than their GCSE performance would suggest.”

“This is an amazing achievement across 34 subjects, almost 200 students  and with over 600 exam entries, and is testament to the hugely positive work ethic of our Year 13 students and the dedication of our staff.”

Our overall pass rate of 99.5% is also unprecedented and shows that our inclusive entry policy, exclusive experiences and outstanding advice and guidance sets students up for success.  The staff at King Edward’s would like to congratulate this Year Group on a fantastic set of results, and we wish them every success in the future, whether moving into Higher Education, undertaking an Apprenticeship or entering employment.

Leanne Johnston, Head of Sixth Form stated, “Our results are especially pleasing given that this year represents the biggest change in A Level courses across the country. Furthermore, given the significant funding challenges faced by education, we are really pleased to still be able to offer a broad curriculum with music, arts, humanities, social sciences and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) equally represented.”

Kate O’Neill, Head of Year is impressed with the hard work, perseverance and determination with this year group to succeed. She is really proud of them and is looking forward to welcoming our new Year 12 in September.

We do still have places available for starting Year 12 in September 2018. Please contact with any enquiries.

Post Results Service

Should students be unhappy with an exam result there are a number of options. The post results services form is available here for AS / A Level and here for GCSE, this explains the services available, the associated costs and the deadlines. Paper copies of these forms will be available in school on results days.

Students are strongly advised to speak to their teacher, a member of the Year Team or a senior member of staff before submitting an enquiry about results.

GCSE Exam Results

GCSE Exam Results

GCSE exam results will be available for collection from the Lower School Hall from 10am on Thursday 23 August 2018.

If a student is unable to collect their exam results they will be posted home. Any students who wish to have their results emailed to them should contact the exams office to request this. Results can only be emailed to students school email address and this will not be done until after 10am on results day.


Adventures of King Edward’s Alumni

This summer, two King Edward’s alumni – Yasmine Shafiq and Elwin Marshall – will be volunteering for eight weeks with the Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI). . CDI is a registered charity and student-led organisation which works in partnership with local government agencies to improve the well being of communities in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Operating in Dar Es Salaam’s informal settlements, where residents earn under $1 per day and lack access to adequate sanitation, the CDI Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) project implements a sustainable and community-centred solution. The WaSH project prevents water-borne illnesses by training and employing local technicians to build safe simplified sewerage systems, along with toilets. The new Year 13 students will recall Yasmine’s inspiring assembly linked to work experiences and enrichment and Year 11 students may also remember an assembly last Christmas from Yasmine about her previous work on this project.

To promote this initiative’s economic and environmental sustainability, the CDI WaSH team aims to offer biogas as a renewable alternative to charcoal. Since 2015, CDI has been testing biodigestor technology, which turns waste collected by the sewerage networks into biogas. CDI intends to ensure the continued benefits of the project by transitioning from the current biodigestor model to one that is locally sourced through a Tanzanian supplier. This shift will enable community members to efficiently undertake repairs while creating a social enterprise through which biogas sales will fund the construction of new sewerage networks. To accomplish this goal, CDI need to raise an additional £2,000.

Any donations, however small, from KEVI students, applicants, teachers or parents would make a huge difference to the impact that the CDI WaSH project could have this year. Please have a look at the JustGiving page for more information about the project (including impact reporting, photographs and video links) and consider donating if you can:

Progression Evening 5 July 2018

Where next after Sixth Form?

We hope you found the Post 18 Progression Evening useful and informative, giving you lots to think about as students and families. As a Sixth Form team we are here to support, guide and advise students, we won’t make decisions for them.

The presentation from the evening, with useful websites, links and an overview of key dates within the King Edward’s UCAS cycle can be accessed via the link below:

Presentation for Post 18 Progression Evening 

If you have any questions, please not hesitate the contact Ms Familton, Jess or Susan on 01670 501520 or