GCSE & A Level Results Collection Information

Results Day Procedures – Post 16

Thursday 17 August 2017

  • A2 results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 8.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • AS results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 10.00am onwards.  Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • Important – all AS students intending to return to complete A2 courses, must complete this online confirmation form, AVAILABLE HERE. This will be available until 4pm on Monday 28 August. This is to confirm which subject you wish to drop. You must login to you Google account before completing this form.
  • If your results are a concern, we will contact you to arrange a progression meeting with a member of the sixth form team.
  • Re-marks – any student wishing to have a paper re-marked, will need to complete a re-mark form, which is available from Mrs Allison in the Exam Office.   
  • Staff will be available on results’ day and the following day to discuss options.
  • A2 students must remember to bring their UCAS personal identification number and be prepared to make telephone calls to universities, if they need to go through the clearing option.

Results Day Procedures – GCSE

Thursday 24 August 2017

  • Year 11 results can be collected from 10.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • All students wishing to attend the sixth form must complete an online confirmation form on the school website: www.kevi.the3rivers.net to confirm their subject choices and enrol.  The online form will be available from Thursday 24 August until 4pm on Monday 28 August 2017.  Students will be asked to either confirm or request to change their subject choices.  
  • Students who request a change of subject choice will require an interview.  These interviews will take place on Tuesday 5 September or Wednesday 6 September. Acceptance onto alternative courses will not be confirmed at this interview, no guarantees can be made to any changes requested and will be subject to availability.
  • Students who do not attain the grades/points score required for entry onto their chosen courses will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other course options.  (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements). These students must then complete the online confirmation and request a change of subject.
  • Students who do not attain the grades required for entry into the sixth form (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements) will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other pathways.  Representatives from Newcastle College and Northumberland College will also be available in the Student Support Area between 10am and 12pm on Friday 25 August 2017 to offer further advice and guidance.

COVID-19: School Update

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these challenging times. I know all our students will be heeding the latest government instruction to stay at home and only go out with those in your households for a bit of exercise.

The letter, issued to parents/carers on 3 April 2020, can be read in full here.


E-Safety for Parents and Students

During this time it is likely that you will be spending much more time online.

Keep yourself safe. Do not give out any personal information to anyone online. This includes teachers, staff, other students and people you meet online. This includes personal telephone numbers, personal email accounts, address, etc. 

Check privacy settings of any apps that you use. Take care with anyone who contacts you who you do not know if real life.

For school work and communications with staff

Always use Trust provided systems. These include Gmail, GDrive, Google Classroom, Google Docs.

Only communicate via school provided tools. Do not use personal email – use school email only.

If you are sharing a computing device at home, when you have finished working, always fully log out of school IT systems. Simply closing a web browser may not do that. 

Please consider carefully how you communicate online.

  • Be polite
  • Re-read any communication before posting and consider how it might come across
  • Include useful information in the email subject box – teachers may be receiving lots of emails and knowing what the email is about will help. 
  • Think about how you organise and name files so that you can find them easily. When you share files with teachers, make sure your name is included in the filename. Remember they may receive hundreds of files over the coming weeks. 

Further support

If you have any technical difficulties with school systems, please email ictservices@the3rivers.net

If you have any e-safety concerns, the following organisations can help.

Prevent from Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police has asked us to share some key information about their Prevent strategy.

As you may be aware our children and young people are sadly vulnerable to being drawn into concerning activity of various descriptions through their online activity. The forced hiatus bringing the premature closure of our schools due to Covid-19 will create opportunities for those people around the world who would seek to prey upon the vulnerable.

The simple message is a reminder for parents to carefully monitor their child’s online activity always, but even more so at this anxious period. The flyer below highlights useful links in supporting young people from the threat of terrorism, radicalisation (and other forms of grooming).

Prevent flyer from Northumbria police

The Parents’ Guide to…

The Parents’ Guide to provides advice and information for parents with teenage children on topics such as university, apprenticeships, post 16 and post 18 options and revision. To help support parents during the coronavirus outbreak, they’ve written The Parents’ Guide to coping with school closures, a completely free online guide for parents of teens, explaining how they can protect their family’s health and wellbeing (mental and physical), help their children study at home and cope with the added stresses and anxieties the current situation brings.

This free guide can be viewed and downloaded here or by visiting www.theparentsguideto.co.uk/coronavirus

Support for Students Working at Home

Teachers will be setting work and sharing it with students via Google Classroom, email, or other online tools such as MathsWatch and Seneca.

If you require any IT support, please email ictservices@the3rivers  and our technicians will get back to you as soon as they can. Please be aware that response times my be longer than normal.

However, there is a lot students can do themselves. Using the GCSE Curriculum Overview documents will show you all of the topics for each GCSE subject. They also contain links to lots of additional resources.

For many subjects students can also be directed to use GCSE Pod which is an external revision tool that the school subscribes to. Details of how to access GCSEPod can be found in this link.

Alternatively students could access Senecalearning which is a free online learning tool. Students will have to register to use this website and must be aware of the exam board and specification in order to make best use of the site.

Students are also able to access online resources via the following websites

MathswatchTheir username is their first initial and surname, all lower case, for example (jgraham@kevis) and the password is equation.

Kerboodle ( Science and MFL) – student login is the year they started at King Edwards in addition to their initial and surname all lower case, for example (19jgraham). Student password is the same as their log in unless they have changed it. Institution code is as7

Bitesize – Can be used for Y9-11 curriculum content.


Year 10 – access all of the Build my Skills resources on your Google Classroom and complete the employability programme.


Y12 and Y13 students

Students in Year 12 and Y13 are able to access subject resources via KEVI Google sites, Google Classroom and Google Drive. 

Students completing EPQ should keep on track with their research, Google Scholar is great for doing this. Remember to keep candidate logs up to date and you can start drafting your essay. Email your supervisor for clarification. 

Additional resources can be accessed via Senecalearning Students will need to be aware of what their exam board is 

This time can be used to broaden students’ curriculum experience and the addition of a MOOC or MOOCs in a related or complementary subject or topic area would be excellent. These free courses can be accessed via Future Learn  

You might be starting tho think about the future and different courses/careers. You could access Unifrog to begin your research https://www.unifrog.org/ and complete your profile. You might want to start thinking about personal statements. 

Lots of Universities and organisations provide additional experiences, this will allow you to develop as an individual and also your breadth of skills and interests. In the current time some of the programmes may not be running, but it will be a good starting point to research. Although not an exhaustive list some to consider are:


Med Link

Newcastle Hospitals Open Event






Head Start

Nuffield Science





Local Institutions

NU Entry

Newcastle Uni Bitesize

Newcastle Uni Partners

Durham Supported Progression


Widening Participation & Masterclasses














Social Mobility Foundation



UNIQ – Oxford

Sutton Trust

Villiers Park

Eton College Summer School


Extension Materials


Eton College

Key Links

GCSE Curriculum Overview Documents












COVID-19 Closures across the Trust – Information

On behalf of The Three Rivers Learning Trust, I would like to thank you for

supporting the closure of our schools for the vast majority of children. We 

are providing a skeleton childcare service which is only for the most

vulnerable children and the children of essential Key Workers. The

first principle of government guidance is that a child should only be sent to

school if there is no safe alternative and provision in school must be a last


The letter, from Mr Taylor; CEO can be read in full here.

Y9 Y10 Y12 – Setting and completion of online work

It is really important that all students continue to work hard in this extended period of absence and we are committed to ensuring that all students in Year 9, 10 and 12 get access to high quality tasks and resources.

Read the letter sent to all parents/carers in full, here.

Y11 and Y13 Awarding Grades – Update

Initial details have been released about how students will be awarded grades this summer in the absence of all exams. Access to the full details are linked here which should provide some clarity to many of the key questions.

The letter sent to parents and carers can be viewed in full, for Y11 and Y13.



Information for Year 11

Due to the changing situation in relation to COVID-19 we are revising our plans.

In order to support social distancing we do not what anyone in school unless absolutely necessary or travelling on public transport unnecessarily. Year 11 students, please do not come in on Monday 23 March to collect books or empty lockers. We will make arrangements for you to do so at a later date.
The school will remain open, as directed by the Government guidelines, to support vulnerable students and those children of key workers. If at all possible all students should remain at home. For those who do attend school social distancing will be practised.

Safeguarding during School Closure

I am writing to you in my capacity as the safeguarding lead for the school, to outline how I aim to continue supporting families and children through the school closure due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Even though the school has closed I am available to support and safeguard all young people and to offer advice and support where needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or need advice on protecting or safeguarding a young person.

To read the letter in full from Mr Wickens, School Safeguarding Lead; please click here.