Gold CREST Award

Congratulations to some of our Year 13 students who have been awarded the Gold CREST Award.

The students have worked in a team on an 18 month project to design areas of a prototype for a robotic cleaning machine whilst investigating the following structure, electronic control systems and manufacturing.

The succPHOTO DAY-TOM-144essful students are:

  • Alexander Bailey
  • Ella Brookes
  • Andrew Charlton
  • Mathew Connell
  • Daniel Haxell
  • Adrian Jonas
  • Daniel Pearce
  • Tom Robbins
  • Ben Steel

They have worked alongside a structural engineer and electrical and electronic engineer from local companies who have mentored them during the project.

Their final presentation and assessment has now taken place and they have each been awarded the British Science Association’s Gold CREST Award supported by BP and Saudi Aramco.

Pierce Barwick has been awarded the Silver CREST Award for his involvement in some stages of the project.

The outline requirements of the Gold CREST Award include:
Minimum of 70 hours project work per team member
Use scientific and/or technical knowledge to equivalent of AS/A2 level
Record work in the form of a project report and student profile
Work with an industrial mentor
Regular reviews with link teacher and/or industrial mentor