Lessons from Auschwitz 2015

The Holocaust Educational Trust and The King Edward VI High School are delighted to offer the opportunity for two Sixth Form students to participate in the upcoming  Lessons from Auschwitz Project – an innovative four-part course which gives students the opportunity to visit the Nazi death and concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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There are only 2 places available. These shall be offered to Year 13 History students studying the Holocaust for their Personal Studies or those wishing to apply to study History at University.

In order to secure a place write a one-page essay on the Importance of Remembering the Holocaust to be submitted to Ms Sharples (B2) by Wednesday 16th September.

We also ask that participants contribute £25 towards the cost of the trip (the rest is financed by the school and the HET).

Stage One: Tuesday 13th October

A half day seminar in which participants learn about pre-war Jewish life, hear first-hand testimony from Holocaust survivor and meet their group to prepare for their visit to Poland.

Stage Two: Thursday 22nd October

A one day visit to Poland where expert guide students through Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum and trained educators from the Holocaust Educational Trust lead group discussions and encourage reflection. We depart and return from Poland on the same day.

Stage Three: Sunday 1st November

A half day seminar enabling participants to reflect on their experiences, consider the contemporary lessons on the Holocaust and devise practical ideas for passing on these lessons.

Stage Four

Students undertake a project of their own choosing, through which they disseminate the lessons they have learned to their peers and local communities, and so become ‘Ambassadors’ for the Holocaust Educational Trust