Headteacher Awards

Congratulations to this week’s nominees:

Ellie Cape and Lily Heaton for providing tours for interview candidates.

Sam Tate for coming second in the National British School’s biathlon, having qualified for this by gaining 2000 points from previous events

Lewis Eke, Eliza Brewster, Jemima Rawlinson, Katie Richardson, Emily Dougall, Isabella Aitchison, Chijoke Anitche, Amy Duggan and Megan Farrow-Tait for devising and delivering a full day of crime scene based science activities at Chantry Middle School.

Libby Romaines, Finn Cottiss, Elija Englehardt, Elizabeth Bennett, Evie Rogers, Ciara McLarnon, Harris Heaton, Eve Haines, Ciaran McDougall, Scarlett Robertson, Ava Da Costa, Adam Williams, Lucas Chaundler, Joel Tilmouth, Jack Cota, John McLean, Millie Horry, Elena MacDonald, Jacob Caygill and Francesca Lane for taking part in an Oxford University outreach event at Gosforth Academy.

Amy Shute, Naomi Kendall, Amber Johnson, Tyler Jackson, Louisa O’Neill, Laurie Dives, Lewis Gammer, Roan Stripp, Aidan Campbell, Jack Andrews, Adam Kirby, Rosie Bowden, Bryony Lane, Ella Berney-Smith, Ciara McLarnon, George Owen, Breeanne Moody, Caitlin Gallon-Young, Ciara Donnelly, Ellie Cape, Hannah Eke, Martha Hornett, Miriam Cummins, Pippa Gammer, Ava Da Costa, Lydia Fraser, Eve Haines, Izzy Walsh, Laura Stevenson, Charlotte Rae, Emily Small, Elizabeth Bennett, Evie Ashcroft, Jake Leonard, Joshua Steele, Matthew Brennan, Sam Ferstenberg, Daniel O’Shea, Daniel Wild, Tom Locks, Theo Dives, Marcus Treacy, Joseph Boyden, Tom Young, Adam Stewart, Megan Bell, Finn Cottiss, Robert Cowen, Beth Marriott, Henry McGrady, Samuel Parker, Neve Taylor and Katie Cook for being involved in our school musical ‘Sister Act’.