Old Boy’s Support Recognised

Matt and John

A North East radio personality has recently returned to KEVI as a guest speaker at their recent careers fair and received a special gift in return.

Capital FM’s Matt Bailey addressed groups of Year 11 students interested in radio as a possible future vocation. He enthused about his life in radio and advised as to the path that got him there.

The former Head Boy, 31, delivered his talks in the Graphics Department where the current crop of A Level students’ works were on display.

He was impressed by the quality of the work and one piece in particular by John Bell, 16, caught his eye – an exam piece created in the style of super hero comic characters.

Matt’s interest in the piece was duly noted and it was quickly decided he should be given a copy in recognition of his enthusiastic support for his old school.

A wide format print was made and John, who is also a Design Technology student, constructed a frame to mount it on.

The Longhorsley teenager said “It’s fantastic that a piece of my work is on display in a radio DJ’s home. What a great fact to be able to put in my portfolio.”

Matt said “I am absolutely chuffed. I would never have expected anything for my support. What an unbelievably generous offer.”

The Sony Gold Award winning producer, who was in the process of moving house, also said “I am of course over the moon as the piece is really cool. It’ll look amazing in my new place.”

John White, the staff member in charge of the school’s internal service KEVI Radio said “I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt during one of our FM broadcasts a while ago.

Last year I invited him to our first careers fair and he readily accepted. It’s wonderful that he has taken time out of his busy schedule for us again.”

Previously, Matt also returned to KEVI to host two student year evenings. Quite a commitment to make, when his working day begins at 5am.

He said “I’m just happy to be in a position where I can help.”

Matt, along with the other Breakfast Show presenters Bodg and Jo Jo, can be heard between 6 and 10am, weekdays on 105-106 Capital FM.