And the Accelerated Reader Cup goes to…

9H are celebrating again after winning the Accelerated Reader Cup for the second time this year.

Their fantastic team effort was rewarded with the now traditional bacon and sausage sandwiches with lashings of fresh juice to wash it down with.

Miss McKay, Head of English (and 9H’s English teacher) said, “I’m very proud of the effort that not only 9H but the rest of the year group have put into their reading since we introduced Accelerated Reader at the beginning of this year. Reading has so many benefits, not just in English, so it is great seeing it have such a high profile.”

The individual 100% prize raffle was won by Sophie Harper, Sophie Dodds, Ellie Forster, Ella Berney-Smith and Rebecca Glen.

So far Year 9 have read a total of 2,233 which is a staggering 116,712,525 words!

Keep up the good work Year 9 – and with only a five week half term it is all to play for!

9H Love Reading!

IMG_84619H win the Accelerated Reader Cup in last half terms form competition

Congratulations to Miss Wilson and 9H who have won this round of the Accelerated Reader Cup.

The cup is awarded to the form class who has achieved the best average percentage correct on their TOPS Quiz results over the half term – 9H won with a fantastic 89.4% average.

Miss Wilson is very proud of her form class – as are Miss McKay and Mr Wright, 9H’s English teachers.

Well done also to the 144 students who have achieved 100% on a TOPS Quiz over the last half term; the five winners of the 100% League raffle will also received their prizes today to enjoy this weekend while cuddling up with their favourite book.

The competition is now reset and the race is on to see which form will win this half term.