The Young Community Leadership Award 

YCLAThe Young Community Leadership Award is an opportunity to volunteer in your local area, helping to clean up streets, parks or other areas, and achieve an award for your efforts, presented by the Mayor of Morpeth in July at a special celebration event.

In order to achieve a gold, silver or bronze award, you will need to do five, ten or fifteen hours of volunteer work picking up litter, bronze for 5 hours, silver for 10 hours and gold for 15 hours. You can go for gold or stop at the bronze level, it’s entirely up to you. If you choose to go for the gold award all your bronze and silver hours will count towards your total.

The award is being promoted by the Greater Morpeth Development Trust (GMDT) and is supported by the Mayor of Morpeth,

Once you have achieved your award, you can add this achievement to your CV, showing your dedication and commitment to your community. Northumberland County Council will provide you with equipment.

Please sign up in the Student Voice Base by Friday 24th April.