School Council Sunflowers Project

Picture1Who are we?

We are part of KSC and we are the Y9 year reps

What do we want to do?

We want to encourage the current Y8’s to join school council when they come to KEVI by promoting school council whilst they are still in middle school


By doing this, we will have a better chance of getting the future Y9’s more involved with the school council

Picture2How will we do this? (the plans)

We plan to give every Y8 student a sunflower seed to plant, they will grow them and on one of their transition days they will bring them up to KEVI. The seedlings will then be planted and when the future Y9’s come up to KEVI they will be able to see a sea of sunflowers.

What we’re hoping to achieve

We really want to show the Y8’s how many fun and interesting things we get involved in.


Raising money for East African Playground

DSCF8010A cheque was presented to Matthew Court for £560 for the ‘East African Playground’ charity.

Matthew is an ex-students who took a gap year in 2012 to travel to the Jinja region of Uganda to work for the charity for a year and help build playgrounds.

He is set to return in the summer of 2015 and needs to raise £700-£1000 for the charity.  He will pay for his own flights, other travel and his accommodation will be school classrooms for four weeks.

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National Table Tennis Championships Competition

After progressing through both the local and regional rounds of the National Table Tennis Championships Competition the KEVI U19 team recently played in the National semi-finals of the event at Wood Green Academy, West Bromwich.

The team, made up of Blair Carmichael, Alex Creighton, Jamie Hall, Tim Bryce and William Capps played brilliantly and finished in second position.

A great achievement!

Fly Tying support

A big thanks to those members of online fly fishing community, who have either been sending us their unused trout flies or have been tying sets of flies for the students to use during the experience week.  This is a great help to the students and they are grateful for the donations made so far.  It also goes to show the supportive ethos within the fly fishing community, and towards youngsters getting into the sport in general.


Visit to The Northumberland Fusiliers Museum

In the trenchStudents are working in collaboration with Morpeth Antiquarian Society to research the lives of KEVI men and boys who sadly lost their lives during the First World War.

On Wednesday 22 April, students visited The Northumberland Fusiliers Museum at Alnwick Castle as part of this project and their work will be exhibited at Morpeth Town Hall on 11 and 12 July. The project is being funded by the Heritage Lottery.

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King Edward VI Debate Society

Ever wondered what KEVI Debate Society is and what they do? The current Chair, Alex Bailey, tells us all about it.

KEVI Debate Society is a club which meets every Thursday to discuss a range of thought provoking issues. We debate everything from politics to feminism and international relations to current affairs.

The debates take the format of ”British parliamentary” in which there are 8 speakers, 4 of whom talk for the motion and 4 of whom speak against. Speeches are 5 minutes long and the final two speeches are summaries of the debate as a whole.

Debate has taught me how to communicate effectively and I hope with some panache. At the very least it is something that I have had an amazing amount of fun doing- possibly because I am quite loud to begin with but probably because it is a fantastic past time to take part in.

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Art Lesson from Shanghai

art work presentedWe have had the pleasure of hosting Mr Zhou, Headteacher from the Shanghai Childrens’ Imagination Centre in China. The visit was organised by The Confucius Institute at Newcastle University and Miss Najafi.

Mr Zhou worked with Year 9 students in the Art Department, and began by showing a film about the work of his imagination centre which specialises in developing children’s creativity from an early age.

Students analysed a range of his students’ artwork and Mr Zhou explained how his students draw from dreams, music and imagination.

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