Accelerated Reader Word Millionaires

Congratulations to 24 Year 9 students who have become word millionaires this term.

Students become word millionaires once they have read over a million words which is tracked through the Accelerated Reader programme. Some students have read as many as 4 million words since enlisting on the scheme in September.

Students all received an Easter Egg for their reading efforts and two lucky students received book vouchers in the prize draw.

A further congratulations goes to Ms Paterson’s form class 9G who won the form breakfast this term for receiving the highest average point score from TOPS quizzes.

We are really pleased with the efforts of all students who are taking part in Accelerated Reader and know there will be many more prize winners next term.


regenThis week Miss Roberts recommends ‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker:
I came across it as a wider reading text when I was doing A-Level Literature, and return to it regularly over 10 years later.

Regeneration is the first book in a trilogy, depicting the often shocking reality of WWI – but a unusually for this genre through the eyes of those casualties who exist away from the battlefield. This is no Birdsong!

Throughout the novel, (based on some real events) we follow the poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, among others, at the Craiglockhart hospital during 1917. Not only does Barker poignantly explore the harrowing after effects of experiencing the Great War first hand, she offers insight into the lesser known impacts or events that happened. It’s really the psychologist W.H.R. Rivers who is the centre of the story, and through his experiences readers are swept along in an intriguing, and at times intense, period of exploration of the casualties of war, beyond just physical injury.

I love this book. It’s multi-layered, at times heartbreaking, but absolutely compelling!!