GCSE & A Level Results Collection Information

Results Day Procedures – Post 16

Thursday 17 August 2017

  • A2 results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 8.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • AS results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 10.00am onwards.  Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • Important – all AS students intending to return to complete A2 courses, must complete this online confirmation form, AVAILABLE HERE. This will be available until 4pm on Monday 28 August. This is to confirm which subject you wish to drop. You must login to you Google account before completing this form.
  • If your results are a concern, we will contact you to arrange a progression meeting with a member of the sixth form team.
  • Re-marks – any student wishing to have a paper re-marked, will need to complete a re-mark form, which is available from Mrs Allison in the Exam Office.   
  • Staff will be available on results’ day and the following day to discuss options.
  • A2 students must remember to bring their UCAS personal identification number and be prepared to make telephone calls to universities, if they need to go through the clearing option.

Results Day Procedures – GCSE

Thursday 24 August 2017

  • Year 11 results can be collected from 10.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • All students wishing to attend the sixth form must complete an online confirmation form on the school website: www.kevi.the3rivers.net to confirm their subject choices and enrol.  The online form will be available from Thursday 24 August until 4pm on Monday 28 August 2017.  Students will be asked to either confirm or request to change their subject choices.  
  • Students who request a change of subject choice will require an interview.  These interviews will take place on Tuesday 5 September or Wednesday 6 September. Acceptance onto alternative courses will not be confirmed at this interview, no guarantees can be made to any changes requested and will be subject to availability.
  • Students who do not attain the grades/points score required for entry onto their chosen courses will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other course options.  (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements). These students must then complete the online confirmation and request a change of subject.
  • Students who do not attain the grades required for entry into the sixth form (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements) will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other pathways.  Representatives from Newcastle College and Northumberland College will also be available in the Student Support Area between 10am and 12pm on Friday 25 August 2017 to offer further advice and guidance.

A Town Like Alice

This week Miss Camsell recommendsas a good summer read.

A classic tale of hardship, torture and resilience, the plot revolves around Jean Paget, a 20 year old Brit working in Malaya during the Japanese invasion.

She is captured and joins a group of other European women and children and put under pressure to trek miles through the jungle with the other captives, leading to the death of many. Her courageous spirit and skills force her in to the role of leader for the prisoners. Whilst on the march, the group encounter Australian prisoners. They are helped and given food by a man named Joe Harman who is then punished by the Japanese as a result of his theft.

Paget’s story is narrated poignantly through her solicitor, Noel Strachan: his ordinary life serves as a stark contrast to Jean’s life. He is completely beguiled by Jean, and the framing narrative gives a bittersweet tang to the novel. I devoured this book on a plane journey and think it would be an excellent beach read for those of you going away this summer.

Uniform for September 2017

All new uniform should be ordered by 1st August 2017 to guarantee delivery for September.

All Blazers and Trousers need to be ordered in from Emblematic as they do not keep stock on all sizes. You can also order online if you know your child’s sizes through www.emblematic.co.uk.

Orders after 1st August will not have a guaranteed delivery date for the start of the school year.

Year 11 Prom

On Friday 26 May, Mrs Stephen and her year team had the pleasure of accompanying students to their end of Year 11 celebrations at St James Park, Newcastle.

The event was a huge success with over 260 students getting the opportunity to let their hair down in midst of a hectic exam period.

Many thanks to all staff who gave up their time to support the event.


Morpeth2Morpeth Exchange Visit

We are extremely happy to report another very successful exchange between ourselves and The Morpeth School from Tower Hamlets in London.

The first exchange took place two years ago when a group of twelve students and 2 staff came up to visit, after they contacted us with regards to an exchange due to the name of their school.

It seems highly probable that The Morpeth School was named after Viscount/Lord Morpeth because of his work in the East End of London in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

A group of twelve students and 2 staff arrived into Alnmouth Railway Station on Wednesday afternoon for a three day exchange visit. Their base was Tomlinson’s Bunkhouse in Rothbury, which looked after their every need.

The students and staff were collected by Amanda Gilholm, Home School Liaison, and taken to Alnmouth beach for a paddle in the sea.

Thursday morning was a visit to the Morpeth Town Hall to meet the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and be given historical information from them about the links to the two schools. Sheila Clark was also present and was very informative about the history of Lord Morpeth.

Then it was off to Dr Tomlinson’s Middle School Rothbury for lunch and a Forest School Lesson taken by Middle School staff, in which the students immersed themselves. Friday morning was spent in school, where the student buddied up with KEVI students and sampled a lesson. After lunch at KEVI, it was off to Alnwick to see the Castle and visit The Garden, which the students found enjoyable. Friday evening they attended our Summer Concert which they loved. Saturday morning was a drive to Seahouses and a trip to the Farnes Islands, unfortunately in the rain, but seals, lots of varieties of birds and to top it all dolphins made the weather more tolerable. After a hot chocolate to warm them up, it was back on the minibus to Alnmouth Railway Station where they caught the 15.00 train back to Kings Cross.

The students and staff were amazed at our School, our County and our very different lifestyle to theirs. We look forward to a return visit to Tower Hamlet next year.


Year 9 Reading Success

Congratulations are in order to Year 9 students who have achieved excellent results with Accelerated Reader this year.

Michael Plank, 9W and Robson Alexander, 9T won a Kindle each for making excellent progress through the programme over the course of Year 9. Both students consistently achieved top results on many TOPS comprehension quizzes, read lots of books and also advanced their reading ages by 8 years collectively.

Meanwhile, Hannah Eke, 9W won the big book voucher prize for reading the most in the year group. Throughout year 9 she has become a word millionaire 5 times over!

The best tutor group went to 9W for a second time this year who, as a class, had the best average points scores for the TOPS tests. The form group will enjoy a delicious free breakfast with their form tutor, Mr Reynalds, which will also be significant as it is sadly his last day on Friday.

Well done to all year 9 students for taking part in Accelerated Reader this year. We look forward to more success stories with our new year 9 cohort from September.

Sports Day 2017

A massive well done to all students who took part in sports day on Tuesday 11 July. Unfortunately the recent wet weather meant that we couldn’t accommodate spectators in the afternoon but the commitment and attitude of all the participants was excellent. We had a very successful day with all field events and a few track events taking place in the morning and the rest of the track events in the afternoon.

We had several records broken:

Year 10 Holly Peck 1500m 5.00
Year 10 Lily Heaton 300m 45.43
Year 10 Lily Heaton 800m 2.33

Best Boy/Best Girls Awards

Junior Boys Champion

Best Year 10 Boy Nat Boyden 45 Points
Angus Stout 44 Points
Dylan Sweet 42 Points

Junior Girls Champion

Best Year 10 Girl – Piper Clarke 42 Points
Ciara Horgan 41 Points
Lily Heaton 41 Points

Intermediate Boys Champion

Best Year 11 Boy – Owen Priest 77 Points

E McDonald 53 Points

Mark Booth 50 Points

Intermediate Girls Champion

Best Year 11 Girl – Katy Halliford 63 Points

Lauren Hodgson 58 Points

Monet Wendt 48 Points

Individual Champions

Sprint Champion Alex Donaghy (Year 11) 200M 23.65 sec

Distance Champion Holly Peck (Year 10) 1500m 5.00

Jump Champion Alex Donaghy (Year 11) Long Jump 5.70 m

Throws Champion Eleanor Saunders (year 10) Shot 9.10m

House Results

Year 10 House Results:

  1. Collingwood
  2. De Merlay
  3. Turner
  4. Hollon

Year 11 House:

  1. De Merlay
  2. Collingwood
  3. Hollon
  4. Turner

Check out the action from Sports Day 2017

New Senior Students focusing on mental health & wellbeing

On 10 July, the newly elected Senior Students (Layla Shafiq, Tom Earl, Christie Cowen and Jena Pandya) hosted an afternoon of team building activities with the a mix of school councillors from various year groups.

As part of the event, we invited the school council to collectively create a logo for “KEVI Good Mental Health” to help raises awareness of mental health issues in young people and to recognise how important it is to seek help and support, especially in the school environment.

The Senior Students have chosen to highlight this theme for the coming academic year after listening to requests from students across all year groups, who asked to raise the profile of mental health and strategies for managing stressful situations,etc. Over the year we will concentrate on creating accessible and effective ways of challenging the stigma of mental health issues and to encourage students’ well being in school.

Working alongside the Peer Mentors (currently ran by Ms Wilson-Head) and the KEVI School Counsellors, the Senior Students hope to start raising awareness about where and who to go to for support in time to help all our new students. We hope to have a wide range of options for everyone, so that if they ever feel they are experiencing a difficult time, they know are aware of places and people that offer support.

Our team building afternoon finished with a round of applause for the organisers and a variety of treats and snacks. With the help of everyone, we hope to see our KEVI Good Mental Health theme encourage an open, welcoming environment for all, truly essential for good mental well being.

A Little Life

Mrs Larby recommends, ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara.

It’s the book I pulled out of the English Department bran tub last Christmas (thank you, Mrs Wilson-Head!) and one of the best books I have ever read.

In simple terms, it’s a story of the friendship of four young men who meet at university and then move to New York. However, it really centres on the character of Jude whose traumatic past is gradually revealed.

The novel is simultaneously heart-breaking and uplifting; I feel it’s a book that every teacher should be made to read as Yanagihara really gets inside the skin of a damaged and vulnerable young person forcing you to not just understand the pain of the individual intellectually but to feel it from the inside.  It’s not an easy read in terms of the subject matter but I couldn’t put it down, driven by a mixture of hope and despair for the central character. She’s a remarkable writer and I found the book utterly compelling and beautifully written.

Bridging Week Resources July 17

During the week of 10 July to 14 July, our new Year 12 students will take part in a Bridging Week.

This week allows students to follow a week of new A Level subjects and also get to meet their new tutor group and classes.

Some prospective new Year 12 students have been unable to attend this week and so we will be sharing the resources used during the week to all students so that they can catch up on work missed. This will ensure a strong start in September.

Work will be uploaded during the week and students can access resources from this link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxpwZ_0dcdktTTByRnlLbXpzRXM