Outer Dark

This week’s book recommendation is from Mr Sutton. He recommends we all read ‘Outer Dark’ by Corman McCarthy.

‘Outer Dark’ is a novel at once fabular and starkly evocative, set is an unspecified place in Appalachia, sometime around the turn of the century. A woman bears her brother’s child, a boy; he leaves the baby in the woods and tells her he died of natural causes. Discovering her brother’s lie, she sets forth alone to find her son. Both brother and sister wander separately through a countryside being scourged by three terrifying and elusive strangers, headlong toward an eerie, apocalyptic resolution.

Ben Carvin

Year of leaving?


Current Job

Environmental Consultant

Favourite subject in school and why?

I loved Geography! I still do in fact. Both my parents were geography teachers so some may say I had no choice! I found learning about the planet and the processes that go on around us fascinating. It’s also continually evolving as a subject so felt really current. I bet some of the stuff I learnt when I was at school is old fashioned now and I haven’t been gone that long!

What have you done since leaving KEVI?

After leaving KEVI I went to study Environmental Science at the University of Leeds. After my first year, I went to South Africa to work on a research project for 2 weeks which really opened my eyes to the world of travel. I studied at McMaster University in Canada for a year before returning to Leeds for one final year. I was offered a graduate job whilst still finishing my degree so after a couple of months travel after graduation I joined Advisian as an Environmental Consultant. I use what I learnt at school and at university to assess potential risk in the ground. I recently travelled to India with work to volunteer with a charity called Pollinate Energy. In India, I helped Pollinate to deliver life changing sustainable products to the urban poor in Indian slum communities. I loved every single second of it. I still live in Leeds so the decision I made to come here after school was a good one!

What has been your biggest achievement in life and how did your experience at KEVI help you to achieve other successes?

Graduating from university with a first class degree surrounded by my family and friends is the best thing I had ever done. It was a product of all the effort I put in at university but also the years of effort I put into my GCSEs and A Levels at KEVI. Life at KEVI taught me that all experiences in life are important whether academic or outside of school. You learn a lot when you don’t think you necessarily are. All of the extra-curricular activities I took part in at KEVI helped me learn what I enjoyed and what I didn’t. These experiences helped me to build confidence and have the belief I could achieve anything I wanted.

What one piece of advice would you give to current students?

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Be confident and try things out to see if you enjoy them. I originally applied to study Geography because I didn’t realise there were other subjects out there. Really research what courses are out there if you want to go to university. I still don’t really know where I’ll end up but I know I’ll enjoy the journey to wherever I do end up by being confident and taking every opportunity I get. Also, the world is awesome; go explore it!

What’s your next big goal?

Keep learning from people around me to stay happy and make a difference in the world somehow!

British Elite Youth Triathlon Champion

The British Elite Youth Triathlon Champion took place in Mallory Park Racing Circuit, Leicester on the 28th of August and KEVI student Dan Dixon took part.

Here is his account of the day:

“The line up was the best Britain could offer with all of my rivals present. As an addition French Triathlon had brought 3 of the best Youths from their nation to compete (to make the competition harder, but were non-counting), this offered a new challenge.

The swim was 400m and the water temp was 22 degrees so it was a non-wetsuit swim, I came out of the water 3rd and with a quick transition I was out on the bike with a lead group of 4. The bike was extremely technical over the 10.2km course but our group of 4 shot round the course taking time out of the main group and smaller packs. Again with a swift transition I exited onto the run in 2nd and immediately me and arguably my biggest rival, who is a year older than me, pulled away on the run leg. The run was 2.5km over 2 laps. We hit the 2nd lap with a big gap still, at 800m to go I put in a kick, this is where I broke him and hanging in to the line I was delighted to have won by 16 seconds. With 3rd finishing 25 seconds behind, also a year older than me. The highest placed French athlete was 5th, 56 seconds behind. The 1st person of my age finished 6th over 1 minute behind.

With this I became British Elite youth Triathlon Champion (a year young)!

Also this was the final event in the British Triathlon Elite Youth and Junior series, I lead the standings into the event but had to win to secure 1st in the series. This was going to be tough but I did it and with the best field given. Other results in the series included 1st at Wales Sopsan Elite Series event, 1st at Hetton Elite series event and 2nd at WTS Leeds Elite series event.

Due to my performances this year, I’ve been told that I will be joining the British B Squad which is the start of the Olympic Pathway! Officially I will not find out about this until later this year though.”

Well done Dan and good luck with your future training and events!! 

Richard Young

Year of leaving? 


Current Job

Trainee Farm Traider

Favourite subject in school and why?

History. I always enjoyed history and I was very lucky at KEVI to have such good history teachers such as Mr Robson and Mr Hegarty.

What have you done since leaving KEVI?

I left KEVI in 2010 to do an Degree in Agriculture at Harper Adams University. I graduated in 2014 after doing three years learning and one year out of Uni on a work placement which was compulsory for my course. I really enjoyed my placement and it started to help lead me on the path to the job I have today.

After graduating I worked on a large arable farm in Cambridgeshire as a grainstore manager for one and a half years. I left that job to pursue the job I had wanted since I was 16 and relocated to Dundee to become a trainee farm trader with Scotgrain agriculture (a division of Bairds Malt Ltd and Graincorp Ltd (an Australian company listed on the Sydney stock exchange)).

What has been your biggest achievement in life and how did your experience at KEVI help you to achieve other successes?

I suppose at this point graduating from university. For the subject I studied at university I didn’t study at A Level what would be classed and standard subjects for an Agriculture student to study. However as I studied English language and history I knew how to write long essays which probably helped me the most when completing coursework at uni.

What one piece of advice would you give to current students?

When applying for university or college or for a job include everything you have done in a social sense as well as academic as I truly believe that is how I got into university as I hadn’t studied any of the subjects that the course required, but I had a lot of related social activities to my course. Don’t let the subjects you chose at A level tunnel your vision

What’s your next big goal?

My next big goal is to complete all my agronomy and fertiliser qualifications which I need to have to be able to advise my farmer customers in how to look after their crops in the most sustainable way. Also I am aiming to buy a house with my girlfriend in the next couple of years.

England Rugby Success

Over the summer Nathan Clemmitt, Alex Donaghy and Fergus Simpson were accepted onto the Rugby League National Training Program day at York along with 55 other U15 players from a variety of Super League Clubs.

This was then cut to 21 for another session which ended up with 19 being selected for the England Rugby League U16 team. The team went into a training camp for 3 days to prepare for a game against Wales.

Both Alex and Nathan then made final cut into the playing 17 and both were in the starting line up.  The game was England U15s fielding a young side against an experienced Wales U16 outfit, Wales coming out 18-10 winners.

This was a tremendous achievement for Newcastle Thunder to provide the 3rd largest contingent of players behind Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhino’s and I’m sure no other school provided more than 2 players.

All three players return back to Newcastle Thunder academy for pre-season before Christmas.  Alex and Nathan will be attending training sessions in December with the England U16 group and will tour France for a week early 2018.

A great achievement and we hope Alex and Nathan can build on their fantastic experience in the coming season.