Year 9 September 2018 – places available

In preparation for September 2018, parents and carers of students who applied for a place in our new Year 9  will be notified on 1st March either by post or online if their application was successful or not.

Please respond to this information by 15th March to accept your place. The school will then contact you at a later date to share our transition plans for movement into our Year 9.

We still have a ​small number of ​places available for September entry for our new Year 9. Therefore, if you would like to enquire further about these please send an application to the School Admissions team who will process you application on behalf of the school.

Further information can be found on this link.

Stranger Sagas Creative Writing Competition

Due to the success of the competition last year, Stranger Sagas creative writing competition is running again this year and the deadline for entries is 28th March 2018.

To enter and be in with a chance of winning (1st prize – £250, 2nd prize – £100, 3rd prize £50), please send your saga which needs to follow on from one of the following prompts to Miss Camsell, via email. Your piece must be 100 words maximum.


  • We’d agreed on three meeting placed, I’s just reached the last one…
  • The mist clears and my name’s on the moss-covered grave stone…
  • “I need to stop”, I whisper to myself…
  • “Ouch!” instead of blood there were wires…
  • I remembered his last words: “This is the beginning of the end…”
  • They say I’m a traitor…
  • A scream echoes outside…
  • “You have one chance, choose wisely…”

Turn off Social Media

It is vital that you turn off social media while you’re revising.

No one needs to see your selfies with your revision notes, no one needs to read about how fed up you are of revision. THEY KNOW.

But if you turn Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and WhatsApp and Snapchat off, you’ll find you’re a lot more productive and remember a lot more because you’re not being distracted.

If you feel particularly brave you could deactivate your accounts for the exam period. If this seems too scary, there are apps to help you.

If you use Google Chrome, StayFocsd and Facebook Nanny limit your social networking use.

Badminton Success

Congratulations to the KEVI U16 Boys badminton team who finished 1st at the County team championship finals.  They now go through to the regional final on Wednesday 7th March in Teeside.

The boys are:

  • Jack Thorpe
  • Lewis Eke
  • Jake Lloyd
  • Harry Johnson

A Level Poet Visit

Sinéad Morrissey, poet of ‘Genetics’ visited Year 12 and 13 English Literature students and led a fascinating and detailed discussion of her poem and other poems in the anthology.

A Level students benefited from developing their understanding of the poem in greater depth by discovering the influences behind the poem and hidden meanings and purposes of Morrissey’s villanelle.

Love on the Dole

The novel follows the Hardcastle family as they struggle through the depression of the 1930s in the north of England.

The focus is on the two children of the family as they leave school and try to establish themselves in work and a life of their own when everything is stacked against them doing so.

The description of life in an industrial slum, and of the of the choices people are forced to make is bleak at times, but Greenwood’s characters retain a degree of optimism that life will get better, no matter how hopeless it seems.

I enjoyed the book enormously as a portrait of life in Britain at the time, but mostly for the characters cast adrift against a torrent of forces they have no power to control, and yet attempt to make the best of things.


Sixth Form Honour Morpeth Suffragette

Some of our Sixth Form girls got the amazing opportunity to honour Morpeth heroine Emily Wilding Davison and reflect on the legacy of the suffrage movement in an extensive interview with Sky News.

Over the course of the interview the students reflected on what the vote means to them, the strides made by the pioneering suffragettes as well as current issues affecting women such as the #MeTo campaign.

We were absolutely delighted Sky News approach our Sixth Form for this piece and the students spoke articulately and with passion about the issue.

The piece is due to air on Sky News on Tuesday 6 February.