Year 9 Enrichment Week 2020

All students were issued with an Enrichment Week booklet during registration on Thursday.

Here is a link to an electronic copy of the booklet.

Please take some time to discuss this before making a decision about which activities to apply for. Please choose three activities as we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to do their first choice.

Once you have made your decision, please complete this online form by Friday 8th November.

Democracy Week Climate Change Conference

The Three Rivers Learning Trust Democracy Event Climate Change Conference
in partnership with Northumberland County Council, Morpeth Town Council and KEVI PTFA

18th October 2019
09.30am – 1.00pm
The Corn Exchange, Morpeth Town Hall

Background to the conference

The Three Rivers Learning Trust recognises the need for urgency in addressing climate change. We believe that schools need to empower young people so that as citizens of the world, they have the knowledge and skills to overcome the consequences of climate change. Along with all our employees, young people will be involved in the development of the Learning Trust’s strategic policy on climate change.

We want to help our students to learn about the world around them, to acquire knowledge and agency to take the lead, to provide platforms to help them speak out and help us find ways to act together and reduce our impact on our climate.

We also want to work with, influence and inspire partners across the region. This democracy week conference provides an opportunity for our students to work with people outside school, offering everyone a chance to share knowledge, new ideas and create new plans.

Northumberland County Council, Morpeth Town Council, Community members and business world representatives all participated in this half day conference. During the event, we tasked everyone to think of ways to influence and create change; to consider actions as individuals, and as groups.

There are many outdoor learning opportunities, environmental projects and groups across our schools and students are increasingly active in supporting a range of initiatives. The Forest School initiative is thriving for our younger children, whilst there are a number of curriculum and enrichment projects for older students. Our students are very aware of the impact of climate change and want to see action to address the issue at all levels. For example, the Year 10 Eco Gardeners Group, which includes Beth Marriott, Emma McCourt, Sam Hayles, Abigail Murray, Ami-Jane Green, Ilia Train has stated:

“Climate change is really important to us, it is our future and an urgent problem which will affect our generation and all future generations. We all need to care more and do more and everybody needs to do their bit. Our gardening team are working together to help plant more trees and look at other solutions to the problem of CO2. We’re introducing a mix of volcanic dust and compost into our school gardens to trap carbon as calcium carbonate which stops it going back into the atmosphere.“

In Year 12, Environmental students Georgia Gorbould and Masie Franco- Saunders comment, “everyone needs to vote and in order to change public opinion, we need to ensure Government officials listen and change policies. We need to help prevent further change to the climate by making changes to our lifestyles. Plant more wildflowers; reduce energy use in homes; turn the heating down, reduce, reuse and recycle everything as much as possible. Simple changes that everyone can make, that secures our planet for future generations.”

Across the Three Rivers, schools are working to become more energy efficient, to improve recycling and to reduce printing. Each school occupies a beautiful site, with extensive outdoor space for learning and play and in partnership with The Woodland Trust more trees are to be planted on each school site.

Simon Taylor, CEO at The Three Rivers comments, “We will consider climate change in all of our organisational decisions and actions and we will aim to positively affect climate change and influence others to do the same. The curriculum and enrichment programmes are age appropriate – we do not want our students to be anxious – rather we want them to be informed and to be able to support the practical and small steps we can all make to address climate change.”

Carbon Capture Talk & Eco-Gardening

Georgia and Jason talking about climate change to their audience

Saturday 19 October, in follow up to the Local Democracy Week launch of The Three Rivers Climate Change Strategy, the PTFA and associated presented a Carbon Capture talk. Two of our Year 12 Environmental team Georgia  and Jason, and Year 10 members of the Eco-gardening team, Beth, Llia and Abigail, made brilliant presentations at the Carbon Capture talk in the ASC on Saturday morning where they talked about Climate change issues and our conference.

Our guests mainly came from Hexham and they were blown away by our students speaking out so confidently about the issues. The upshot is that the guests are going back to Hexham full of enthusiasm for moving things on there too.
Our speaker, Prof. David Manning from Newcastle Uni’s Soil Science Dept. is also now considering ways of helping to bring more students together from several schools to meet up at the Uni and consider climate change and how to mitigate this through carbon capture methods.
The message about turning pledges into individual and group actions to make things happen is travelling! Our first carbon capture bed with a 50/50 mix of compost and volcanic dust capturing CO2 and changing it into calcium carbonate so it’s trapped in the ground. It’s spring bulb planting time.

King Edward VI School Industrial Cadets awarded CREST Silver Award

Sixteen of our students have just been awarded the nationally accredited CREST Silver Award. They successfully completed six days of intensive training and work experience at Nissan Sunderland. The group were given a full day introduction to the Nissan plant and the varying job roles within the business before completing five days of team based activities which saw them design and test an assembly line for manufacture of cars. As two separate teams, they then applied improvement techniques to reduce the time to manufacture by a staggering 96% from their first run.  Along the way they were given exposure to the following STEM disciplines – working in a Manufacturing and Engineering area; using principles and tools to aid workplace management; Quality and Inspection; Kaizen and 5S principles and the power of Teamwork. They demonstrated massive commitment, resilience and work ethic over the week. When asked about how well the teams worked and if any student deserved a recommendation, one of the Nissan trainers commented, “The attitude, manners and general behaviour of my group was a credit to your school. I got a great deal of satisfaction watching the group develop from the nervous clumsy teenagers they were on Monday, to the confident and competent team players they became by Friday. Not only that but we had a laugh along the way. As for awards, I don’t like to single individuals out because one bad one can ruin a group. To have a good group you need eight people to work well together, interact, listen and apply the lessons learned. And we certainly got that”.

Stobhillgate First School

The Trust is pleased to announce that Stobhillgate First School launched a consultation on 7th October to join the Three Rivers Learning Trust. This is a positive step in the further development of the Trust and we look forward to the consultation responses. If the proposal is supported then Stobhillgate would aim to join the Trust on the 1st April 2020. The consultation documents are available on the school website for anyone wishing to engage with the process. There will be a drop-in session which will be attended by the Stobhillgate Headteacher and Governors and representatives of The Three Rivers Learning Trust at 5.30pm in Stobhillgate First School on Tuesday 15th October.

The aim of this session is to hear views on the proposal and answer any questions. This consultation will close on Monday 4th November at 5pm.

Alumni Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers #STEMtastic

15 Year 10 students from King Edward’s took part in a STEMtastic event at Port of Blyth. The day was aimed at inspiring the students to consider their future – and possible careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). RTC North collected together 25 companies, many world class businesses, all of whom were local to the area. The event encompassed the following sectors Subsea, Oil and Gas, Renewables and Energy including offshore generation.

The students had the chance to participate in a range of interactive workshops,
giving them hands-on examples of working in STEM. They were given tours of
some of the facilities in the port including Catapult , Global Marine and MHI

At ORE Catapult, the UK’s leading technology innovation and research centre for Offshore
Renewable Energy they met an ex King Edward’s student , Johnathan Hughes. Validation
Manager for ORE Catapult, Mr Hughes, described the type of activities that
happen at the site. The students were able to see an 88.4m wind turbine blade,
currently in Blyth for the XLBlade project. The project is investigating how to reduce
the overall cost of offshore wind through development of (at the time) the World’s Longest

Our students were enthused by the career possibilities shown to them and Mr
Hughes commented:

“The students from KEVI were amongst over 200 who visited ORE Catapult’s Blyth site as part of STEMtastic at Port of Blyth, it was good to hear challenging questions from KEVI pupils, who wanted to hear about the role of engineers who work in the Renewable Energy sector, and how Blyth was shaping the future of this global technology”.

A Night of Monologues

We are delighted to invite you to attend an evening of stunning performances by our incredibly talented Drama Society. The society, led by Mrs Anderson, ably supported by Deputy Head Girl, Rosie will provide an evening of unrivalled entertainment. The evening will feature performances from Blood Brothers, Romeo and Juliet and many more. We are especially proud to present an monologue written by one of our very own students, Ollie.