Student artwork during lockdown

Over the coming weeks we plan on regularly showcasing a range of projects and activities undertaken by our students whilst they are at home staying safe. As well as our online learning, many students are doing fantastic things to challenge themselves and support their families and communities. We start with some artwork – here we have a drawing by Katie Young, Year 9 which she feels is a symbolic representation of our current social distancing measures, an oil portrait painting of Beyonce by Year 13 student Alfie Wilson and an intricate card sculpture of Sydney Opera House by Kate Richmond in Year 9. Well done to all, and more examples to follow.


Year 11 in to 12 Transition Work

We hope you have accessed and found some of the preparatory work Ms O’Neill, your future Year Leader, put together for you. We cannot stress enough the importance of super curricular engagement (work that is in addition to specifications, work that is pursued for personal interest and fulfilment). Students in our Sixth Form have a real desire for learning and that is what enables them to succeed and secure exceptional final outcomes on their courses.

Over the past weeks our teachers have been collating a range of focused material to help you prepare for your chosen course of study. The expectation is that you will engage with this work and complete the tasks for each of the three subjects you intend to study. Learning materials can be accessed via this link

Places and confirmed subject choices will be agreed on enrolment once all results are confirmed. There will be an opportunity for students to review their subject choices and request changes at that point (subject to availability). No subject changes will be made prior to this time. Students can access the work for all courses we offer, they can use the material to help them decide their final choices but should complete the work for the three subjects they intend to study. Any requests for subject changes must take into consideration our pool structure; students must select one subject from each of three of the four pools (i.e. not exceeding three subjects in total).

COVID-19 School Update

I hope you have all had a restful Easter break.  

As a reminder, students should be continuing to stay at home and only go out with others in your households for some exercise.

Home Learning
Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on the first few weeks of home learning. We have refined our approach based on what you have told us.  Letter issued can be read in full here.

Stobhillgate First School joins The Three Rivers Learning Trust

The Three Rivers Learning Trust has welcomed Stobhillgate First School into our family of schools. The conversion process met the deadline of 1 April 2020, despite the current situation which has seen schools closed and staff working mainly from home.

Stobhillgate Headteacher Glen Whitehead commented, “At Stobhillgate we are delighted to now be part of The Three Rivers Learning Trust. We have been warmly welcomed into the Trust, who have already provided significant support and guidance. We look forward to further developing collaboration across the trust in order to continually improve our offer for children, their families and for staff.”

Trust CEO, Simon Taylor added, “I would like to thank colleagues at the Trust, at Stobhillgate and at NCC, who have worked together effectively to support the conversion process. The Trust is very pleased with the addition of Stobhillgate, which enhances our ability to collaborate, share resources and deliver high quality education for the benefit of all our children and young people”.

Paul Carvin, Chair of the Board of Trustees, added: “we are really pleased that Stobhillgate have joined us. They share the same vision and values as the Trust and we know we can all work together for the benefit of public education in Morpeth.”

The addition of Stobhillgate increases the number of First Schools in the Trust to four, and the total number of schools to eight.  

The Three Rivers Trust Schools are – 

  • Abbeyfields First School
  • Harbottle Church of England First School 
  • Thropton Village First School
  • Stobhillgate First School
  • Dr Thomlinson Church of England Middle School
  • Morpeth Chantry Middle School
  • Morpeth Newminster Middle School
  • The King Edward VI School

COVID-19: School Update

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these challenging times. I know all our students will be heeding the latest government instruction to stay at home and only go out with those in your households for a bit of exercise.

The letter, issued to parents/carers on 3 April 2020, can be read in full here.


E-Safety for Parents and Students

During this time it is likely that you will be spending much more time online.

Keep yourself safe. Do not give out any personal information to anyone online. This includes teachers, staff, other students and people you meet online. This includes personal telephone numbers, personal email accounts, address, etc. 

Check privacy settings of any apps that you use. Take care with anyone who contacts you who you do not know if real life.

For school work and communications with staff

Always use Trust provided systems. These include Gmail, GDrive, Google Classroom, Google Docs.

Only communicate via school provided tools. Do not use personal email – use school email only.

If you are sharing a computing device at home, when you have finished working, always fully log out of school IT systems. Simply closing a web browser may not do that. 

Please consider carefully how you communicate online.

  • Be polite
  • Re-read any communication before posting and consider how it might come across
  • Include useful information in the email subject box – teachers may be receiving lots of emails and knowing what the email is about will help. 
  • Think about how you organise and name files so that you can find them easily. When you share files with teachers, make sure your name is included in the filename. Remember they may receive hundreds of files over the coming weeks. 

Further support

If you have any technical difficulties with school systems, please email

If you have any e-safety concerns, the following organisations can help.

Prevent from Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police has asked us to share some key information about their Prevent strategy.

A useful PDF document with support can be found here.

As you may be aware our children and young people are sadly vulnerable to being drawn into concerning activity of various descriptions through their online activity. The forced hiatus bringing the premature closure of our schools due to Covid-19 will create opportunities for those people around the world who would seek to prey upon the vulnerable.

The simple message is a reminder for parents to carefully monitor their child’s online activity always, but even more so at this anxious period. The flyer below highlights useful links in supporting young people from the threat of terrorism, radicalisation (and other forms of grooming).

Prevent flyer from Northumbria police