BBC Bitesize Schools Tour

Tuesday 19 March saw much more excitement and anticipation for assembly than usual! As the students began to filter in, the notices the hall undergoing a transformation!

BBC Bitesize, as part of BBC Learning has long been established as a reliable and comprehensive digital and print revision resource. Over the years they have expanded that provision to include useful media clips to support teaching and now have began to proliferate the careers arena, with well researched and produced career-related learning content. 

As part of BBC Learning’s focus on Careers, they have introduced the 10-week Schools Tour that brings into the spotlight digital, media and creative careers. This is something out students yearn for, with one telling me “Miss I want to be an artist, but I can tell you have to get onto an engineering course!”

Living up to their brand the BBC Bitesize Schools Tour was slick, excellent production value. However, it was much more than a good-looking assembly. The content was engaging, it was delivered from industry professionals, it was sound advice for those interested in creative careers.

Year 9 and Year 10 students got an awful lot from the experience… and not just the free BBC branded highlighter!