Alumni Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers #STEMtastic

15 Year 10 students from King Edward’s took part in a STEMtastic event at Port of Blyth. The day was aimed at inspiring the students to consider their future – and possible careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). RTC North collected together 25 companies, many world class businesses, all of whom were local to the area. The event encompassed the following sectors Subsea, Oil and Gas, Renewables and Energy including offshore generation.

The students had the chance to participate in a range of interactive workshops,
giving them hands-on examples of working in STEM. They were given tours of
some of the facilities in the port including Catapult , Global Marine and MHI

At ORE Catapult, the UK’s leading technology innovation and research centre for Offshore
Renewable Energy they met an ex King Edward’s student , Johnathan Hughes. Validation
Manager for ORE Catapult, Mr Hughes, described the type of activities that
happen at the site. The students were able to see an 88.4m wind turbine blade,
currently in Blyth for the XLBlade project. The project is investigating how to reduce
the overall cost of offshore wind through development of (at the time) the World’s Longest

Our students were enthused by the career possibilities shown to them and Mr
Hughes commented:

“The students from KEVI were amongst over 200 who visited ORE Catapult’s Blyth site as part of STEMtastic at Port of Blyth, it was good to hear challenging questions from KEVI pupils, who wanted to hear about the role of engineers who work in the Renewable Energy sector, and how Blyth was shaping the future of this global technology”.

Sixth Form Enrolment 2019

Congratulations! We hope you are very pleased with your results, it was a tough exam season and you should be proud of your efforts.

If you have been offered a place to study with Sixth Form at King Edward’s please complete this online Enrolment Form to confirm your place. Here you are asked to confirm your subject choices, there is also an option to request a change of subject. Change of subjects will be done during induction on Wednesday 4 September through a one to one meeting with one of the Sixth Form team. Students who are joining Sixth Form from other schools are invited in at 9am with all other applicants invited to attend from 10:30am.

Course details and entry requirements can be found via the Sixth Form website

Students who no longer wish to take up their offer of a place with Sixth Form at King Edward’s should also formally decline their place via the  Enrolment Form If you require any further guidance and support please contact Janet who will be available Friday 23 August in school until 12 or from 2 September.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new term as a Sixth Form student. Induction will take place on 4 September and the term and lessons officially starting on Monday 9 September.


Enrolment Form

Year 10 Careers Week 2019

What a week 2019 Careers Week has been! The majority of our students have been out on work experience. Students have secured some amazing placements and we have had some fantastic feedback about their efforts and endeavours – we couldn’t be more proud. Some students have even been told to maintain contact with their placement providers over possible apprenticeship opportunities in the future.

For our students that were in school all week we have had a varied programme of activities to support employability and develop skills applicable to the workplace.

The week in school started with students researching potential career options – a scary prospect when the world is literally your oyster, Students were looking at careers in areas such as The Stock Exchange, tattoo artist, pilot, teacher and a multitude of other roles and professions. We then challenged students to reflect on their own skills, values and attitude and create their own professional CV.

In order to make effective career decisions, students first of all need to understand themselves, not just their dreams and ambitions but their own strengths and areas for development and how to strategise. We were delighted to welcome one of our former students into school to work with our current students on a team building day. This was particularly enjoyable and we were delighted the weather held!

Throughout Year 10 students have met with six different businesses from a range of economic sectors from law to health to the motor trade. This programme is put together and supported by the Esh Group who then invited students to the Eagles Community Arena for a mock interview. This was a testing day with nerves getting the better of some, but all of the students that had their interview found it a positive experience. Some students made such an impression they received offers of work experience and mentoring! As staff, what we took away from the day was the genuine smiles from students as they returned from interview. Some undoubtedly from relief, but all smiling with pride in their performance and courage they demonstrated.

Thursday was a personal finance day and with the help of Barclays Life Skills resources, the famous Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis and a representative of the Chartered Institute of Insurers we introduced the students to budgeting, student finance and savings and investments

In order to make really effective decisions about their future young people really need to know themselves; their skills, dreams and ambitions. This is the motivator for the week – a little bit of progress each day will create successful young people. We’ve finished the week with a little bit of fun, decoding the powerful messages in Rocky IV about resilience, the mantra of being a wolf not a sheep from Training Day and the exploring positive role models in As Good As It Gets. This was all wrapped up by the excellent support of the Newcastle United Foundation, where students participated in a range of enterprise activities, .

The Value of Work Experience

You might think that the only point of doing work experience is to ‘tick a box’. You probably think you’ll just sit there twiddling your thumbs, or be given a stack of 2,000 envelopes to stuff, stamp and send. Although some work experience does involve doing menial tasks, it can still be very important. Some work experience placements might even give you the opportunity to take on some really interesting and challenging responsibilities. How meaningful each placement is depends on the set up and what is agreed from the outset.

The experience of being in an environment that is not school, seeing how different organisations work and how teams operate is invaluable. Your work placement doesn’t have to be in the sector/careers/job that you expect to be doing for the rest of your life. It is about seeing the big picture and developing real work, work ready young people. This is important as there is no such thing as a career for life. Most people who leave school, will have up to 7 different careers, with up to 40 different job roles in their working life. Any experience that shows how dynamic and adaptable you are is worth it.

10 Reasons to complete work experience:

  1. Research has shown young people are more likely to be successful in their job hunt if they have done some good work experience
  2. If you haven’t got a clue what career you want to do work experience is a perfect way to sample all the career options out there. It’s a way of exploring different jobs without actually committing to anything. Finding out you don’t like or don’t suit a particular job or working environment is just as valuable as confirming your aspirations.
  3. It’s the best way to get a real sense of your chosen industry. You’ll get to speak to employees and ask them questions. You’ll then be able to make informed choices
  4. Doing work experience shows passion and interest.
  5. Work placements can increase motivation and effort, they can provide a real goal and realise ambition
  6. You can gain the skills to thrive in the work place, in a non-threatening situation, you can learn the do’s and don’ts of employment
  7. It’ll help you identify your own skills and perhaps even highlight the areas that you might want to work on
  8. You might secure your own job – part-time, or that dream apprenticeship.
  9. You will be starting to build a valuable bank of contacts for when you are ready to gain serious employment
  10. You get to enhance your CV with experiences beyond school, something that will really make you stand out among your peers

[source: adapted from]

Year 10 work experience really is the chance to put all of the learning from Build my Skills into action. It is a chance for students to start thinking about where they want to be after year 11 and further.

Details of work experience, the placement provider forms and advice on how to organise a placement can be found via the Your Future – KEVI Careers page.

North East STEM Tournament

Students were brilliant, representing King Edward’s at the North East STEM tournament on Friday 22 March. Up against schools from across the area from Hexham to Middlesborough and Durham – in total 24 teams competed.

Students were given a set of materials and had to problem solve and think on their feet to respond to the project brief. Teams designed and built a working crane, capable of picking up and moving nuclear waste. 

Both of our teams, one year 9 and and year 12, worked fantastically well and it culminated in the Year 12’s winning the “advanced” category.

BBC Bitesize Schools Tour

Tuesday 19 March saw much more excitement and anticipation for assembly than usual! As the students began to filter in, the notices the hall undergoing a transformation!

BBC Bitesize, as part of BBC Learning has long been established as a reliable and comprehensive digital and print revision resource. Over the years they have expanded that provision to include useful media clips to support teaching and now have began to proliferate the careers arena, with well researched and produced career-related learning content. 

As part of BBC Learning’s focus on Careers, they have introduced the 10-week Schools Tour that brings into the spotlight digital, media and creative careers. This is something out students yearn for, with one telling me “Miss I want to be an artist, but I can tell you have to get onto an engineering course!”

Living up to their brand the BBC Bitesize Schools Tour was slick, excellent production value. However, it was much more than a good-looking assembly. The content was engaging, it was delivered from industry professionals, it was sound advice for those interested in creative careers.

Year 9 and Year 10 students got an awful lot from the experience… and not just the free BBC branded highlighter!

Oxford and Cambridge Student Conference

Oxford and Cambridge Student Conference 
St James’ Park, Newcastle 21 March 2019

Every year many of our students choose to apply to ‘competitive universities’. The annual Oxford and Cambridge Student Conference is a great opportunity for our students to attend subject specific presentations, to find out the facts about applying to and studying at ‘Oxbridge’, and to meet admissions officers, lecturers and students. It’s a roadshow event allowing northeastern students to find out more…on their own doorstep.

Parallel is the Advisor’s Conference which is a very useful event for our staff to make sure that they are totally up to date with the latest information, to grill the admissions officers and lecturers, and to share ideas and best practice with colleagues across northern England.

National Careers Week 2019

The week beginning 4 March saw the annual event that is a celebration of successful Careers Education and once again, King Edward’s participated with the addition of numerous activities to the already extensive careers programme.

Like in previous years, National Careers Week coincided with National Apprenticeship Week, where there is an increasing awareness of the multiple progression opportunities available to young people. Our #NCW programme was extensive and all year groups from across school and sixth form had the opportunity to learn from a broad and varied range of professionals in their field.

Following National Careers/Apprenticeship Week we also relaunched our KEVI Careers website, rebranded as Your Future. This has a whole host of information for students and parents about the full range of progression routes and opportunities. It is accessible from the Quick Links section of the site.

Our commitment and endeavour in the field of Careers Education does not stop after National Careers Week. We have more guest presenters booked in for year groups, the BBC are coming into talk about digital and media careers, Year 12 will attend the Oxbridge conference, The Brilliant Club continues… all of this is in the next few weeks!

Sister Act Rehearsals

The bi-annual musical was in final dress rehearsal over the last weekend. All cast, musicians, technical and support crew were in over Saturday and Sunday making sure everything is perfect for opening night on Thursday.

The production of Sister Act follows on the success of High School Musical back in 2017. It is fantastic to see some returning cast members but lost of new faces.

Massive congratulations to the musicians who are playing in the band – a three-volume score to rehearse with some piece 200 bars long! It is excellent experience for those with their sights set on careers as professional musicians.

The Technical Production crew do an outstanding job with all of the lighting and sound, many of the Sixth Form use these experiences to support applications to Media and Production courses at University. It is great hands on experience, all supported by our Alumni and volunteer Jonathan.

Without volunteers like Jonathan and the committed staff from Music and Drama these productions couldn’t go ahead. The talent and professionalism from the students has been remarkable over the weekend… bring on 2021 and the next one!

The show begins it’s three-night run on Thursday 21 March, tickets are available from the Finance Office. 



National Careers Week 2019

The week 4 – 8 March sees the return of these hugely successful annual events. In school we are supporting them in a number of ways. Assemblies for this week will be ‘futures’ focused and there are a wealth of resources for students and parents/carers on the ‘Your Future – KEVI Careers’ website. This is currently under construction and will be launched during the week.

Over the course of the week there are a number of exciting opportunities which have been arranged for students: visits, workshops and talks. The full programme is available to view here. We ask that students and any parents/carers wanting to attend the parent session on Monday 4 March to sign up using the Google Form. If students prefer they can sign up and register with Mrs J Schreier in the Careers Office.

Careers Education and a future focus is constant within and across school, the preparation of students for their next stage happens throughout the academic year and different year groups. Our Student Mentors are available for one to one conversations at all times, students have access to quality careers advice outside of National Careers Week. In the spirit of Careers Week, we are aiming to raise awareness of opportunities that can enrich the learning experience and enhance any CV.   

You can also follow us on social media or search twitter using #NCW2019 and #NAW2019 to gain further insight into the breadth of events during the week.