Year 12 analyse the use of language in the media

Lily Heaton in Year 12 has written a fantastic essay for for her A-level English Language. This was a practice exam question which challenged students to analyse the use of language in the media, in this case responding a an Indy 100 article titled “Imagine if the media talked about male politicians the same way it does about female ones”. Snapshots of Lily’s essay are below:

Download (PDF, 505KB)


Remote Learning: Mind-maps & Timelines

Miss Callighan was really pleased to see this giant timeline of historical events from Alice Heption in Year 9, she has amalgamated different information from the topics in history into one giant timeline. This is a great activity for reinforcing key knowledge and understanding of how events fit together.

Also have a look at this excellent mind map from one of our Year 9 Children’s Play, Learning & Development students which illustrates the different types of ‘play’ that can occur in the home at an early age and how this impacts on our development.  Another example of fantastic learning from home.

Download (PDF, 29KB)

Remote Learning: Sociology

Year 12 Sociology students have been taking part in some creative ways of learning and remembering some key Sociological studies. The students were asked to create a storyboard picture representing a study by Social Action theorist Max Weber (The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism). They were judged on their knowledge of key concepts linked to the study as well as creativity linked to the key aspects of the study through pictures. Well done to Charlotte Dyer from 12D Sociology for her winning entry and to all of those who entered- we were really impressed! Mrs Richardson & Miss Conroy.


Download (PDF, 2.55MB)

Remote learning in Design Technology

As part of their remote learning, Year 9 students have been working on a design challenge where they had to design a home for the future considering how it could be environmentally friendly and also support user wellbeing. Students have created some fantastic responses, samples of Jamie Harrison and Josh Aviston’s work are shown below. Well done Year 9 – keep up the fantastic efforts at home.

Download (PDF, 630KB)