GCSE & A Level Results Collection Information

Results Day Procedures – Post 16

Thursday 17 August 2017

  • A2 results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 8.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • AS results can be collected from the Advanced Study Centre from 10.00am onwards.  Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • Important – all AS students intending to return to complete A2 courses, must complete this online confirmation form, AVAILABLE HERE. This will be available until 4pm on Monday 28 August. This is to confirm which subject you wish to drop. You must login to you Google account before completing this form.
  • If your results are a concern, we will contact you to arrange a progression meeting with a member of the sixth form team.
  • Re-marks – any student wishing to have a paper re-marked, will need to complete a re-mark form, which is available from Mrs Allison in the Exam Office.   
  • Staff will be available on results’ day and the following day to discuss options.
  • A2 students must remember to bring their UCAS personal identification number and be prepared to make telephone calls to universities, if they need to go through the clearing option.

Results Day Procedures – GCSE

Thursday 24 August 2017

  • Year 11 results can be collected from 10.00am onwards. Please do not come before this time as results will not be available any earlier.
  • All students wishing to attend the sixth form must complete an online confirmation form on the school website: www.kevi.the3rivers.net to confirm their subject choices and enrol.  The online form will be available from Thursday 24 August until 4pm on Monday 28 August 2017.  Students will be asked to either confirm or request to change their subject choices.  
  • Students who request a change of subject choice will require an interview.  These interviews will take place on Tuesday 5 September or Wednesday 6 September. Acceptance onto alternative courses will not be confirmed at this interview, no guarantees can be made to any changes requested and will be subject to availability.
  • Students who do not attain the grades/points score required for entry onto their chosen courses will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other course options.  (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements). These students must then complete the online confirmation and request a change of subject.
  • Students who do not attain the grades required for entry into the sixth form (Please refer to the Post 16 prospectus for entry requirements) will be issued with an appointment slip indicating a time on Thursday 24 August to meet a senior member of staff to discuss other pathways.  Representatives from Newcastle College and Northumberland College will also be available in the Student Support Area between 10am and 12pm on Friday 25 August 2017 to offer further advice and guidance.

Y10 Parents Evening

Year 10 parents’ evening will be taking place on Thursday 22 April 2021(KINGED) and Thursday 29th 2021 (WASXTH).  The evenings will be held remotely and will run from 4.15pm to 7.00pm.
Details of how to book and set up video appointments have been sent out to all parents via email in preparation for the evening.

Drugs and Alcohol Education Update

We are currently using PSHE time to focus on giving students the facts about Alcohol (Year 9) and Drugs (Year 10). In addition, our Sixth Form and Year 11 students received some input from Sorted, Northumberland’s substance misuse service for young people in registration this week.

Please rest assured that we do not have any intelligence to believe that this is a specific issue to our school. We always prefer to take a preventative approach, where students understand the facts, including the risks and dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Please can we ask that you support us by taking this opportunity to speak with your children about the risks of alcohol and drugs. We are determined that drugs will not come onto our school premises and students know that if they bring them onto site, they will be permanently excluded from our school.

The letter issued to Parents/Carers can be read in full here

Y11 Grade Awarding Update

Between Monday 12 April and Friday 30 April, Year 11 students will complete some in class assessments across many of their subjects which will provide their teachers with some additional evidence to support the teacher assessed grade process this summer.

It is important to stress that the outcomes from these assessments will not be the only piece of evidence that subject teachers may use to generate final grades. I have attached a copy of my last letter here which explains the principles we will use to award grades this summer.

A copy of the letter sent to Parents/Carers and all Y11 students, can be read in full here.

Asymptomatic Home Testing of Students

Testing students at home

  • On Monday 15 March 2021 all students will be given two home test kits. Each box contains three tests
  • Students should test at home on Wednesday after school and Sunday evening as follows
    • Wednesday 17 March
    • Sunday 21 March
    • Wednesday 24 March
    • Sunday 28 March
    • Students do not need to test over Easter but should do a test on Sunday 11 April, before they return to school
  • Students will sign for their tests and we will record the lot number
  • Please note that these tests are only for use by the assigned students and should not be taken by anyone else  
  • No test should be taken for 90 days after a positive PCR test

The letter sent to Parents/Carers on 12 March can be read here

Assessed Grades Update

We are now in a position to outline to you the principles of how teacher assessed grades will be awarded this summer.

We are committed to supporting all of our students to give them the best opportunity to get the grades that they deserve this summer.  What is really important now is that all students continue to work as hard as they can over the remaining weeks.

Letter for Y11 can be read here

Letter for Y13 can be read here


Return to Sixth Form

As stipulated attendance is mandatory for all students from Week beginning 8 March. Sixth Form however has the flexibility of Home Study during non-contact periods. All students can leave after their last timetabled lesson of the day. Students are reminded to complete the electronic sign in/out forms when they arrive/leave at school during the day. These are accessed via their Tutor Google Classroom or the Sixth Form website.    

Year 12 Students Home Study granted for the morning if they have no timetabled lessons during periods 1, 2 and 3 they can remain at home. 

Year 13 Students Students can remain at home for the morning if they have no timetabled lessons periods 1 and 2. 

For students with Home Study in the morning, live assemblies will be available via their Google Classroom to ensure they don’t miss out on important information, advice and guidance. 

A copy of the letter can be read in full here

March Return to School – Update

A huge thank you to parents for your support with this initiative in advance of students’ return. Students conduct has been exemplary and testing staff have commented on how our students have approached the testing in a mature and considerate way.

The return to school will be staggered as follows:

  • Year 11 and Year 13   Tuesday 9 March
  • Year 10 and Year 12  Wednesday 10 March
  • Year 9  Thursday 11 March

A copy of the letter can be read in full here

National Careers Week 2021

We were delighted in January to have confirmation that we have maintained our Quality in Careers Standard award, demonstrating our belief and commitment to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance. With this in mind I want to share with you some resources in recognition of National Careers Week 2021. 

In more usual times, we would fill this week with activities, visiting speakers and visits to various events. This year all of our provision is remote and in the form of a directory. The National Careers Week 2021 resources can be accessed via the link and is split into five sections; activity suggestions, information on Labour Market, where to access reliable careers information, events taking place this week and finally subject careers guides. All students will receive a copy via their Form Tutor.    

There is also a National Careers Week Virtual Careers Fair running across the week. It can be accessed here. This is an excellent opportunity for students and families to explore a wide variety of options and opportunities available to young people. 

Students have already been provided with information to support National Apprenticeship Week in early February. Please follow this link for the February Parents Pack from the National Apprenticeship Service. 

Unifrog continues to be an excellent resource for supporting career research and personal development, students sign in using their 3rivers email, parents can get in touch if they would like a parent account setting up

Year 11 & Year 13 Teacher Assessed Grades

We have received the full guidance from Ofqual regarding the plan for awarding Teacher Assessed Grades this summer. Full details of the plan are linked here.

We can confirm that the additional Year 11 mock exams that were planned for March will not take place at this time. However, it is really important that all students continue to work hard across all of their subjects, both in this period of remote learning and when they return to school.

A copy of the Y11 letter, can be read in full here.

A copy of the Y13 letter can be read here

March 2021: Return to School – Update

Following the government announcement last night I am writing with information regarding the reopening of school for all students from 8 March 2021.

We will continue to use government guidance and knowledge of our school’s unique circumstances to plan for this reopening so that we can welcome your child back to school as safely as possible. Updated information can be found below. Can I please ask that you go through this information carefully together with your child so they are absolutely clear about expectations on their return. It is vital that all parents/carers and students understand what is required in order to enable this reopening of school to take place safely.

The letter can be read in full here