Sixth Form Applications Sept 2020

Applications for September 2020 are now open. Applications will be accepted via the Apply button on the Sixth Form website . Please review our entry criteria prior to submitting an application. All applications should be mindful of our options pools. Three subject choices should be made; one from each option pool.

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Please join us on February 27 from 4pm to find out more about our Sixth Form.

Debate Team Quiz Night

The Debate Society recently entered a team of eight students into the regional round of the European Youth Parliament. Given the high standard of the other debaters we were honoured to be chosen as the winners. As a result the team have qualified to proceed to the National Session of the European Youth Parliament in Liverpool this September. This is a four-day event that will bring together 150 participants from across the UK and Europe to engage with the theme:

‘Overcoming the Challenges of Political and Economic Globalization’.

The Debate Society are naturally extremely excited about this, though the costs to attend, as well as accommodation and travel, are prohibitive. Fortunately this gives them an excuse to run fun events such as quiz nights, raffles and bag packs, things which will all also help in furthering our team work along the way!

New Year Resolutions, New Year Habits

New Year is a time to set new resolutions and goals, but what should young people be focussing on?

I would suggest that there are some basic habits that our students should try to develop to help set them up for a successful year. These could include: sleep, diet, electronic devices/social media, enrichment and study.


The key with habits is actually turning them into habits. Once a habit is formed it becomes much easier to stick to. It can take anything from 18 to over 200 days to form a habit, with an average being 66 days, some research suggests.

To help develop a habit it might be useful to think of it in three parts: the cue, the behaviour and the reward. The cue is what triggers the habit. This could be simply walking into your home at the end of a day, it could be a break in a TV programme, meeting a friend, anything. The behaviour is the thing you actually want to do and the reward could simply be the feeling of satisfaction of achieving what you wanted or a treat.

Recognising these stages will help us to make habits or even break bad habits.

As the habit is formed, the reward becomes less necessary and the habit becomes automatic. This is where we want to get to.


Sleep is incredibly important. It allows the brain to transfer short term memory into longer term memory, it allows the body to repair itself and also affects how we function the next day.

A lack of sleep affects the brain’s ability to process information and how we respond to situations. Our emotional responses and empathy towards others deteriorates quickly with a lack of sleep. The impact of lack of sleep on a student’s day at school is significant.

It has been suggested that teenages need nine hours of good quality sleep each night.

Young people should aim to develop evening routines which will help trigger the body to prepare for sleep.

These two articles explore teenage sleep further. – article 1, article 2.

Electronic devices/social media

Social media can have many positive impacts such as the discovery of new ideas, development of social skills, attainment of a sense of identity, etc. However, it also has the potential to impact on mental health with feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. Many sites which are image based potentially give rise to unachievable expectations in terms of “success” and body image.

We should try to encourage young people to gain a sense of perspective and consider how much time they are spending using social media. Turning off social media and electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime will allow them to relax, disengage and reduce the effects of blue light on sleep.

Article on use of electronic devices and impact on sleep. Another article on the impact of social media on mental health.


Joining a club, volunteering or developing a new hobby will help to develop new skills and provide a break from study. We often find that our most successful students are also involved in additional activities which develop their character. These activities develop skills such as organisation, planning, time-management and social skills. They also develop dispositions such as resilience, caring, motivation and curiosity, all of which will be highly useful throughout life.

Whatever New Year’s resolutions/habits you set, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Year 11 bring the cup home!

The year 11 rugby squad pulled off a great win in the final of the Northumberland Schools County cup defeating a good Whitley Bay side 79-15.

It was a great first half performance dominating the opposition through some good forward play and some slick backs moves. This allowed the KEVI side run in some excellent tries.  Whitley Bay came back strong in the second half scoring three good tries but the KEVI side proved too strong and ran out comfortable winners.

Man of the match was awarded to Hugh O’Brien.

All the students were fantastic and can now look forward to their Rugby tour in February!

Golfing Success

Congratulations to Amelia in Year 10 for her golfing achievements.

As well as being selected to play for the county in the upcoming season, she has also been selected to be  a Girls Golf Rock Ambassador for Northumberland.

Girls Golf Rock is an initiative for girls to learn to play golf in a fun & social way and is new to Northumberland in 2018. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

King Edward’s Inspires 2017

Once again, thanks to the huge support we receive from many of our alumni, businesses, colleges, universities and training providers, our annual KEVI Inspires event was a phenomenal success – the best one yet! We have a variety of exhibition stands, as well as an in depth workshop/presentation programme.

The event attracted support from a wide range of organisations from across various sectors and a wide geographical area, from London to Dundee! We are immensely grateful of the support provided and are proud that our school can deliver such a unique and valuable event for our students and their parents.

This year, we were delighted to invite colleagues from Berwick Academy Sixth Form and The Church of England Academy. We have developed a range of careers provision with these schools, as part of our work and inclusion on the National Career Benchmarks Pilot programme. Feedback from Berwick in particular was outstanding, with their Head of Sixth Form saying that her students are ‘talking about possibilities and opportunities they never knew existed!’ This really captures the essence of the event and is what makes it special.

Next year King Edward’s Inspires will be held on 22 November 2018 and we have already had pledges of support from many of the organisations present this year, which is phenomenal. Further developments next year could be the inclusion of a sector specific panel discussion with industry experts… watch this space.

Cross Country Championships

There was some fantastic results from Saturday 11th November’s regional Cross Country Championships at Stewart park, Middlesbrough.

The boys intermediate team (Year 9 + 10) finished 2nd and now qualify for the National championships at Sevenoaks school, Kent on Saturday 25th November.

The team finished with 37 points which included the following runners:

Euan Duffin year 9
Dylan Davies year 9
Ben Walker year 9
Dylan Gooding year 9
Ben Waterfield year 9
Thomas Cunningham year 10

The girls team ran really well also. They missed out on qualifying but were excellent on the day. Students involved were:

Holly Peck (2nd place)
Lily Heaton (11th place)
Rebecca Bradley (35)
Casey Dixon (70)

The students were a credit to the school and it was a pleasure to take them down and see the passion they have to compete and run well!

British Elite Youth Triathlon Champion

The British Elite Youth Triathlon Champion took place in Mallory Park Racing Circuit, Leicester on the 28th of August and KEVI student Dan Dixon took part.

Here is his account of the day:

“The line up was the best Britain could offer with all of my rivals present. As an addition French Triathlon had brought 3 of the best Youths from their nation to compete (to make the competition harder, but were non-counting), this offered a new challenge.

The swim was 400m and the water temp was 22 degrees so it was a non-wetsuit swim, I came out of the water 3rd and with a quick transition I was out on the bike with a lead group of 4. The bike was extremely technical over the 10.2km course but our group of 4 shot round the course taking time out of the main group and smaller packs. Again with a swift transition I exited onto the run in 2nd and immediately me and arguably my biggest rival, who is a year older than me, pulled away on the run leg. The run was 2.5km over 2 laps. We hit the 2nd lap with a big gap still, at 800m to go I put in a kick, this is where I broke him and hanging in to the line I was delighted to have won by 16 seconds. With 3rd finishing 25 seconds behind, also a year older than me. The highest placed French athlete was 5th, 56 seconds behind. The 1st person of my age finished 6th over 1 minute behind.

With this I became British Elite youth Triathlon Champion (a year young)!

Also this was the final event in the British Triathlon Elite Youth and Junior series, I lead the standings into the event but had to win to secure 1st in the series. This was going to be tough but I did it and with the best field given. Other results in the series included 1st at Wales Sopsan Elite Series event, 1st at Hetton Elite series event and 2nd at WTS Leeds Elite series event.

Due to my performances this year, I’ve been told that I will be joining the British B Squad which is the start of the Olympic Pathway! Officially I will not find out about this until later this year though.”

Well done Dan and good luck with your future training and events!! 

England Rugby Success

Over the summer Nathan Clemmitt, Alex Donaghy and Fergus Simpson were accepted onto the Rugby League National Training Program day at York along with 55 other U15 players from a variety of Super League Clubs.

This was then cut to 21 for another session which ended up with 19 being selected for the England Rugby League U16 team. The team went into a training camp for 3 days to prepare for a game against Wales.

Both Alex and Nathan then made final cut into the playing 17 and both were in the starting line up.  The game was England U15s fielding a young side against an experienced Wales U16 outfit, Wales coming out 18-10 winners.

This was a tremendous achievement for Newcastle Thunder to provide the 3rd largest contingent of players behind Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhino’s and I’m sure no other school provided more than 2 players.

All three players return back to Newcastle Thunder academy for pre-season before Christmas.  Alex and Nathan will be attending training sessions in December with the England U16 group and will tour France for a week early 2018.

A great achievement and we hope Alex and Nathan can build on their fantastic experience in the coming season.

New logo

Logo RBG

We’re excited to announce that The Three Rivers Learning Trust brand has had a transformation to give it a more modern feel. Over the coming months you’ll see this logo replace the existing one on letterheads and other documentation.

There will also be a new website, containing all of the information about the Trust and the schools who are part of it.