Jamie Pemberton

Year of leaving?


Favourite subject in school and why?

PE and games. I enjoyed all sports playing and captaining the school First XV in rugby.

What have you done since leaving KEVI?

I have worked in sales predominantly and have managed within call centres etc. I have had my own business and transferred this to my business partner. I have married have a step daughter and a daughter. Travelled a bit with the wife and family and generally got on with life. I have been working through a law degree for the past few years part time

What has been your biggest achievement in life and how did your experience at KEVI help you to achieve other successes?

Nothing really significant. I have gained a great work ethic and attitide to life. I have continued with Rugby and am currently working through my coaching badges coaching mini tag rugby.

I would say the biggest achievement so far is enrolling and working through a law degree whilst working full-time and supporting a family

What one piece of advice would you give to current students?

Don’t get bogged down with the stresses of deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life. Work hard during your time at school and achieve the best you can achieve through hard work

What’s your next big goal?

Who knows? I just keep looking as we go along in this life