Welcome to our school.  The King Edward VI School is a high achieving school, with a reputation for academic excellence for all. We provide for over 1400 students from years 9-13 and have a thriving Sixth Form of around 450 students. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive and truly comprehensive school built on traditional principles and high standards.

We aim to prepare all in our care to leave the school fully equipped to meet the challenges they may face, and with a sense of service to their communities. We value our positive relations between staff and students and are proud of our friendly and purposeful atmosphere. 

Our dedicated staff ensure that students are challenged to meet their potential, in a supportive environment. We have a holistic view of education and pride ourself on offering a fully rounded educational experience. It is not only in the academic sphere where our students excel. Our commitment to extra-curricular activities is very strong, and we offer our students an extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programme. We believe there is something here for everyone.  

We are very proud of our staff, students and our legacy. Please take a moment to look through our website to get an insight into what our school has to offer.  

Clare Savage

School Expectations

Great learning can only happen with positive attitudes to learning. Our Climate for Learning policy provides a clear, structured and stepped approach to ensuring positive behaviour. Parents and carers are required to sign our Home School Agreement at the beginning of Year 9 and this, along with our planners, outlines our expectations. Our key expectations include: 

  • Arrive to school on time, fully equipped and ready to work 
  • Adopt a positive attitude to learning and achievement 
  • Do as you are asked by any member of staff first time, every time 
  • Be polite and act with respect


We pride ourselves on our enrichment provision as we believe that high quality experiences outside of the classroom help to develop the whole person. There is a large array of enrichment activities on offer which have a very high participation rate. Many clubs have students leading them and range from Debate Society to Steel Pans, KEVI Space Agency to Dissection Club, KEVI TV to Warhammer. We encourage students to set up clubs where there is demand and develop their own leadership skills.

Enrichment involves more than just sports and clubs, and the school offers extensive opportunities for students to learn outside the main curriculum through trips, visits, assemblies, visiting speakers, competitions, events, evenings, one to one guidance, etc. We aim to develop much more than pure academic achievement and hope that students look back on their time at King Edward’s with a real sense of fun, fantastic experiences and personal growth.

Some of the extra curricular clubs we currently offer include:

  • Debate Society
  • KEVI Creatives – published creative writing
  • KEVISA – Our Space Agency with its own observatory
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Sports including:
    • Netball
    • Hockey
    • Football
    • Rugby
    • Table Tennis
  • Dissection Club
  • Technical Production Crew
  • Music Clubs including:
    • Choir
    • Chamber Choir
    • Orchestra
    • Ceilidh Band
    • Community Jazz Band
    • Steel Pan Band

The School Council

The School Council is a highly active organisation which allows students to have a voice and change the school for the better. The School Council is led by our Senior Students. Each tutor group elects two Form Representatives. Each year group has two Year representatives and they form part of the Executive Council. The School Council is a powerful voice for change and we encourage every student to get involved to make a positive difference to our school community. 


Our excellent careers work has enabled us to be one of the first schools in the country to be awarded the new national Quality in Careers Standard. We believe that our success is not just measured in our excellent examination performance, but in where our students progress to in life. Our highly active alumni keep in touch so we know that the community of students we have had the privilege of working with over the years have gone on to become the positive citizens we all hoped they would.