The Pupil Premium has been a sum of money that the school received for each student who was in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM). This now includes students:

  • who have been in receipt of FSM any time over the past 6 years
  • that were adopted from care in England (including those adopted before December 2005)
  • that left care under a Special Guardianship Order (under the Children Act 1989)
  • that left care under a Residential Order (under the Children Act 1989)
  • and are in Reception to Year 11

Nationally, statistics show that students who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium do less well than their peers in external exams. The aim of this money is to try to close that attainment gap.

The King Edward VI School has fewer students who are in this category when compared with all schools nationally. At The King Edward VI School, we view the needs of all students as important and strive to create the best opportunities and experience for all students.

Please view our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement to see the types of support we offer and how we spend the Pupil Premium budget.


How do students in receipt of Pupil Premium do at The King Edward VI School?

As you will know, exam results were awarded differently this year as a consequence of the Covid – 19 pandemic. The grades awarded to our Year 11 students are shown below.


2020 Num KS2
En4+ Ma4+ E+M4+ En5+ Ma5+
All 321 29.5 81.9% 86.3% 81.9% 70.4% 72.9%
PP 49 27.6 63.3% 63.3% 57.1% 46.9% 40.8%


2020 En7+ Ma7+ 5A-C equiv
Inc En+Ma)
Attainment 8         Progress 8*
All 29% 34.9% 83.5% 55.9 0.61
PP 10.2% 14.3% 57.1% 42.9 0.02

*Based on 2019 calculations

During the 2019-2020 academic year, Pupil Premium money was spent on various measures to support our children including –

  • Quality First teaching development
  • Pastoral support
  • Attendance interventions
  • Teaching interventions
  • Educational resources
  • Employer engagement opportunities / Careers advice
  • Literacy support and resources
  • Parental Engagement