This weekend Year 9 student, Sebastian Parreira, competed in the third and final round of the Teesside Winter Sprint championship. He won all of his races to secure the Junior Prokart championship title. The championship was run from December to March with rounds 1 and 3 run at Teesside Karting and round 2 at Whilton Mill in Northamptonshire. Seb competed in all three championship rounds, winning eight out of the nine races.

Seb has been competing in kart races for a couple of years, having got his first kart at age 11 after enjoying karting at an indoor track in Newcastle before that. He has since raced in local outdoor championships at Teesside, Warden Law near Sunderland, and Cumbria, as well as a couple of national championships in 2021 which saw him competing at tracks all over the UK.