Sophie Woods

Year of leaving? 


Favourite subject in school and why?

My favourite subject as school was design technology. My teacher was great fun and allowed us to use our creativity! I also used the skills I learnt from this course to support the drama department in making costumes for the productions held

What have you done since leaving KEVI?

Where to start!

Straight out of High School I move to South Africa and lived there for a year as a volunteer teacher. I then went on to work for the charity I went to RSA in Scotland. Based on the Isle of Coll, I worked in the RecruRecruitment supporting others to do what I had.

From there I then moved to Zambia to support the ICS programme with Restless Development as a Team Leader and upon my return went to work for NCS. Now I find myself working with Lattitude Global Volunteering supporting other young people to take up an overseas volunteering opportunity

What has been your biggest achievement in life and how did your experience at KEVI help you to achieve other successes?

My greatest achievement was my Team Leader ICS placement in Zambia. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone living and working in a different country and being responsible for the welfare of volunteers taking up their placement as well. I learnt a lot about effective people management, how to track volunteer learning and also a lot about myself!

What one piece of advice would you give to current students?

Don’t worry about having to know what you want to achieve with your life/ in your career. I still don’t really know – but through experience you can gain an insight into what would work for you

What’s your next big goal?

I am looking to continue my work in the charity sector and manage my own team. Maybe by the end of this year it might be time for a new work adventure